Quotes added on Thursday, March 11 2004

Lucious and Juicy taste.
Something there is no way you can waste.
Dark,Lite,or White
All are good in my sight.
It makes my taste buds tingle just at the thought.
This peice of happiness is what I have long sought.
What am I talking about ?
Haven't you figured it out ?
It's chocolate!Without a doubt!
Walmart is the lad of milk and honey,
It saves you alot of money.
Winn Dixie really sucks,
It takes alot of your bucks!
*IT DoEsNt SeEm TO huRT AnYmOrE
WhEn I Think AbouT it oN MY OwN
It OnlY SeEMs to HuRt
WhEn I SeE iT In fRonT oF me, You AnD hER, AloNe *

[© AAM ]
* If ThEreS One thInG i CanT StAnD
ThAtS BeInG LiED to... *

[© AAM ]
I HatE HoW You All Think
ThAt Im STIll In LoVe WiTh Him
AsKinG mE All TheSE >?<
AnD SToP TalkInG AboUT hIm, The MoMeNt I wLK In

I ThoUGht I mADe I CLeAr
HeS mY PasT

My NoThinG AnymOre
It wASNt MeAnT to LASt

STop aCTinG likE Im STill BrOkEn
BC I'Ve PaTchED my HeArT BaCk
I'M HapPy WIThOut ThA LoSEr
DonT B So WoRRIeD! JusT ReLAx!

[© AAM]
"Love is the eaisest thing to feel but the hardest thing to say"
You can never step into the same river twice...
           ********* THE STEPS OF LIFE
rock tha boat rock tha boat rock tha boat
stoke it 4 me stoke it 4 me stroke it 4 me
change positions change positions change positions
A *friend* is the person who would bail
u out of jail at 2 in the morning
But a ^best friend^ is the person
sittin behind bars with u!

<3 stephii

IM me if u want more- xostephii143ox
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