Quotes added on Friday, March 12 2004

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|_D_) D )___)
its g00d to be clean
inside of me there is so much pain,
i can feel the sharp knife against my vein.
every day is exactly the same
its to late to help me..i dont want to complain.
its no ones fault, theres no one to name,
don't feel guilty..don't try to take blame.
its only my fault, life just didn't satisfy me
sure i had some fun..but it only lasted temporarely.
i tried to smile..but the frown came naturally.
inside i feel no emotion except confusion,
everything i do feels like an illusion..
i dont know whats real,
i dont know how i feel.
im sorry if my death affects you
but you dont understand, you don't feel the way i do
if only you knew..you'd want to die too
sometimes i think they all know im depressed
but they don't bother to ask, theyre already stressed
im only ONE person, you're not loosing much
but remember me with a smile on my face,
and please don't let anyone take my place..
EAch night i lAy under the stArs ..
thinkingg all About y0u .. cuz your
the one live for..i l0ve everything
you do </3
"not everyone smiles not everyone cries
but deep inside them they know thier lies..."
"if you change the way YOU look at things,real change will followin wat u do..."
{You were there when i needed you,}
{You were the first person I would come to,}
{You're my *Bestfriend* and always will be,}
{Together forever just you and me!}

{ name }
never underestimate the HUGE diffrence SMALL changes can make...
to love and to be loved is to feel the sun from both sides
if u cant return a favor pass it on
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