Quotes added on Saturday, March 13 2004

<^>Never Frown...You Never Kno If {They} Are Falling In Lover With Your Smile<^>
You flirted
You cheated
And you lied
If you did all these things
How come's i'm the one who has
Tears coming out of their eyes.

thnx....i love dat quote~
TaKe ThAt ReWiNd It BaCk ˘~*(LiL JoN)*~▀ GoT tHe BeAt To MAkE Ur BooTy Go *SMACK*
TaKe THat ReWINd it Bac *~**~UrSher*~*~~ GoT tHe VoIcE To MAKe Ur BootY go *SMACK*
TakE tHat REwiND iT BAc (*~LuDaCrIs~*) Got The PiZZaZ To MAke UR BOOtY Go *SMACK*
TaKE That RewinD it bac ~*(~LIL JoN~)*~ Got THe BEat TO MAKE ur BooTY Go

*sign lovingly* I LOVE DAT SONG!!!!!!!
the truth is you could <s>slit</s> my throat
and with my one last <b>gasping</b> breath
i'd <i>apologize</i> for bleedin on your shirt
Shake it like a salt shaka
shake it like a salt shaka
umm like an eighteen wheeler
she's leaking shes soaking wet
shes leaking shes soaking wet
shake it like a salt shaka shake it like a salt shaka
shes popping it like a purculator
shes popping it like a purculator
And there i sAt under the saftey of the big oak tree ..
thinking of you though you were not thinking of me
y0u were with her .. that preci0us smiLe on your face ..
and i started to think about how my life was a disgracee
it couLd never be perfeCt .. now that you let me go
y0u chose her .. but everything around you still glows
y0u are that guy i get butterflies everytime i see y0u..
and all i ever wished was that you got that feeling too'
now i guess that my life juSt won`t ever be the sAme ..
im one of th0se sad littLe girLs with a face but no name'

^i miss you
the rAin fAlls d0wn as my
heArt c0ntinues to breAk
cuz you were my everything
. . my heArt y0u did tAke
you held my up when i was
d0wn . . you put a smiLe
0n my fAce when i wore a
fr0wn ..my heArts in a fit
but the w0rst pArt is that
you don`t even reAlize it
I want a guy that'll hold me tight
Like me for who i am and what i like
Not someone who will take me for granit
Im just tryin to find the right guy damnit!


Im me on KrazyKristi2k8! :-D
CrOsS yOuR HeArT & hOpE 2 DiE
ClOtHeS & MaKeUp BoYs & LiEs
ThAtS ThE DeFiNiTiOn Of My BeSt FriENds

To my best friend Jordan.L
From Angie.F
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