Quotes added on Sunday, March 14 2004

everytime that i talk to you i get butterflies
we pass eachother in the hall and you always say hi
you sit next to me all the time
and if i lost my lunch money that day you would give me a dime

^i know its dumb but i was bored
xoxo~ smartz
    I  SigN the GbOok  I
    I    Take the Quiz I
    I  EnjoY!          I

^is dumb i know i was bored

xoxo smartz
"doin better things then takin to u!:-Pleave some lov :-Dur nameO:-):-D"
doin better things then takin to u!:-P

leave some lov :-D

ur nameO:-)
If bercrmbie decided that brethig w$t "cl", hl f the teege pplti wld die withi the ext 24 hr$. If u gree pt thi$ i r prile.
Real Eyes
Real Lies!!!!

LoVe iZn'T AbouT The HuGz 'n' KizSeZ oR The 'I LoVe YeWz' oR tHe 'I MiSs YeWs'... ITz aBouT The FeeLinG He GiVes YeW

don't you ever get that feeling where all you want to do is be with him, and know hes there..right there, always looking at you like your everything..and you know that you wouldnt want to love or be with anyone else...
-YoU CaN SaY I'm CrAzY -YeS ItS TrUe- I'm CrAzY BoUt OnE ThInG- AnD ThAtS YoU-

the best things in life are unseen
thats why we close our eyes when we
cry || kiss || and dream

[x] i wanna be the reason you s m i l e [x]

Each Minute I spend wit u
Brightens my smile
Every word u speak
Makes my life more worthwhile
Every kiss we have I'll cherish 4eva
Every moment I am happy is because we could be 2gether
<When I close my eyes and think of the most wonderful thing in the world, I see you<

**LoVe Is GiVinG SoMeOnE ThE AbiLiTy To BrEaK yOuR HeArT...BuT TrUsTiNg ThEm NoT To**

*.--.* wEn i lOoK in2 yOuR eYeZ *.--.*
.:. i cAn fEeL bUttAfLieS

SiNcE tHe DaY I fIrSt MeT YoU My LiFe cHaNgEd
tHe WaY YoU MaKe mE fEeL Is So hARd tO eXpLaIn
WeN I LoOk iN YoUr eYeS yOu mAkE iT So tRu
ThErEs No oNe oN tHiS eARtH fOr Me bUt [Y.o.U.]
they told me all about u
they told me u were free
they told me u were great
the perfect one for me....~!(David)!~

x hE AbUsEz Me w/HuGz N' KiSsEz x

i wasnt kissin him i just wanted muh gum bac!

tell me if u love me....
. tell me if its tru...
let me be your forever.....
and 4 ever it will be me n u...

Hey Lemmie no if u like tha quotes ~< IM me at kRiSti MaRiE 969
its all for the love of the game
not about winning or even the fame
the sweat the blood the tears
its all worth it, it is for all those cheers
at the end of the game when your tired as hell
and in your heart you can tell
that you love this game not for the cheers or fame
but for the love of the game

copyrght alex and diana
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