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(*.nO matter where life takes me tO...a part Of me will always be with yOu.*)
CaN yOu hOLd mE aNd nEvEr LeT gO. . .? -VaNeSsA CaRlToN
you can only give what you've got to give,
and if thats not enough u must continue to live.

--- its not mine... i got it from a chicken soup book
*·. .·*¸.·´¨)
/. ·*· .\ ¸.·´¸.·´¨)
(¸.·´ *..i had the razor on my rist thinking about all the things....·*·.....
*·. .·*¸.·´¨)
/. ·*· .\ ¸.·´¸.·´¨)
(¸.·´ *.. that happened and about all the ppl id miss im sorry but this is my last goodbye im tired of everything im tired of everyone i have been hurt so many times im tired of it so i say my last goodbye and i will miss you so i love you alot i just wish you'd know im sorry for everything im sorry for wut i did i love you so much and now this is the end....·*·.....
*·. .·*¸.·´¨)
/. ·*· .\ ¸.·´¸.·´¨)
(¸.·´ *.XoXoJasmine<3
i love you to much to let you go and i just want you to know were you go i follow i look up to you as a person and as a friend so if u wanna desend ill still be w/ u dead or alive because i dont i can stand not being able to talk to u eye 2 eye if you leave my heart will be broken and ill miss you everyday if i dont kill myself my inside will die ill sit in my room alday and probley cry ill become mentaly ill and the doctor will have no cure and ill end up dieing anyways this is for sure....·*·.....
*·. .·*¸.·´¨)
/. ·*· .\ ¸.·´¸.·´¨)
(¸.·´ *.. to Jasmine..from ashley i love you so much
Danielle you are my best friend ever and you always will be I love you so much and i dont know what id do with out u.. we have some awesome times and i luv goin to the mall wit you... its great.... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
Theres so much no one knows about me
Theres so much no one sees
About the way i feel inside my thoughts and all my needs

Mabye its that you dont look,
or the fact that i dont show,
But eathier way, there are things inside of me
that no on seems to know.


I want to show the world
I want every one to see
All the thoughts and ideas
that flow inside of me.


Mabye you just havent noticed
Or mabye you don't dare
To find out who i am inside
To show me that you care


I'm scremin on the inside
but a smile is what you see,
But i am not content with the person
that i seem to be.

There's a dofferant person on the inside,
that i cant seem to show,
But mabye if you took the time
that person you could no.

I guess that all you got is all you're gonna get,
so much for, so much more
I guess that all you got is all you're gonna get,
so much for, so much more

Rapid Hope Loss ---by dashboard confessional
I sit in bed every night
and cry my self to sleep.
My daddy says he loves me
I know that this is true
but he has a great way of makein
me feel so blue.
Sometimes when he comes home drunk
I want to go hug him and say that
everything will be ok.
but then i stand back and whatch
while his face sort of fades away.
He's never there for me
When im cryin
or even when im sad.
But i still love him the same
even tho he makes me mad.
I want him to know how i feel
and mabye this will be the way
I want him to know even when im mad
He'll always be my dad

Hey the endings still kinda sour but hey im just a beginer.. and yeah i did make this up all by my self..
luv ya stacy.g.
         /| 6 6 |\  
       ( " )__( " )  
  !*Puppy with a rose*!

Better with a different font..
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