Quotes added on Wednesday, March 17 2004

Why do people try to bring you down when they already kno they have brought you down already?
"why do you love him the way you do?"
how cant i when he looks me in the eyes and Says
.*:I Love you:*.
i love the way you talk, i love the way you walk, my knee's shake when you tell me you love me, my heart skips a beat when you smile at me, i love you, and i no you love me to
I will count my *tears*...till i get over *you*
I've fallen,
Head over heals,
In love with you,
I've fallen and cant get up,
Dont wanna get up,
Because of love
Just sayin his name...makes me *sMiLe*
I know our love is worth *wHiLe*
i love you so much....you mean the world to me....
from the moment i saw you my heart went from a slow boring beat to the fastest damn thing i have ever felt in my life....every moment i look at you i feel love in ur eyes....my heart drops and i know ur my true love....you bring happiness to me...u love me....you care....i just wish u felt the same way and not just as us friends....the sad part is you might feel the same way i just dont have the courage to tell you...but weve been friends for like ever....and i feel if i tell you i love you and u say no i will loose you forever....so until the day comes where i get the courage to tell you that ur the one person i think about every minute of the day....i guess were just friends...but i wish me were more....ur my pride and joy...I LOVE YOU!...always....
A girl you see walking::She has no place to go::Shes always by herself::Her feelings she doesnt show::She walks around mysterious::Her Identity not a clue::Nobody knows who she is:: Not me, Not even her, not you::This girl nobody sees::This girls heart is crying out::But too scared to give a shout::She wants to give a scream::but nobody will hear her::She wants you to hear her out::She wants to cry, no doubt::Nobody even sees her::Shes crying, screaming silently::The fear, the truth, the pain::This girl she wants you to know::Its the girl deep inside::Its the girl you can relate to::Its the girl you try and hide::
Never knew i could feel like this
Like ive never seen the sky before
Want 2 vanish inside ur kiss
Everyday I love u more and more
Deep down i know it's best for myself but I
Hate the thought of him being with someone else
But I know that it's over
We know that it's through
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