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sTaR lIgHt. StAr BrIgHt. WhErE tHe HeLL iS mR.rYtE?
wiLL wE bEe frIeNdS

whEn wE gRoW OlD

Or iS thIs thE eNd of tHe liNe?

»--(¯`·´¯)--« smartz byez
Forever doesn't even come close to how long i wanna be with you
what u doing nothing chillen at the virginia inn~!
alright...I dont have a quote but i have something to say, I never thought that i would ever EVER be able to Love someone..i never thought I was going to find someone...i always thought that i'd be the one who didn't need a boyfriend, the one who didn't need a guy to make me happy...that was all untill the summer or 2003 when i met him.!. I fell in love.. and i fell hard..day and night i thought about him I love him more then anything...he means soo much more to me then he'll ever know..i never thought i could ever be this happy just looking at him makes me smile for the rest of the day..hes not only my boyfriend but he's also my best friend and no matter what happens i'll always love him!

I love you steve!!

xO Desiree Ox
k      k
k     k                                           t
k    k                                            t
k   k                                             t          i
k  k                                              t
KK                                          t t t t t t t           
k  k                      r r r r   s s s s s     t          i       
k   k       y       y   r           s             t          i    n n n n 
k    k      y       y   r           s s s s s     t          i    n     n  
k     k      y     y    r                   s     t          i    n     n
k      k       y y      r           s s s s s     t          i    n     n
k       k          y
             y y y y
He's the one who makes you trip over your own feet when he waves at you. He's the one who makes you incapable of words when you look into his eyes. He's the one who makes you bite your lip without knowing it and gives you an extra bounce in your step. He's the one who sends chills over you when he barely touches your arm. He's the one who makes you delirious just by smiling...

B     B   R      R    B     B
B     B   R      R    B     B
B      B  RRRRRRRR    B      B
B      B  R    R      B      B
B      B  R     R     B      B
B      B  R      R    B      B
~*~ Confused ~*~

My knees start to S H A K E
When your in sight,
My mind is filled with W O N D E R
My heart filled with fright

When will this feeling STOP?
When did it START?
How can i listen to my mind
Without Breaking my heart?

Im so ConFusEd
What should i Do?
I cant think of anything,
Except for [ Y O U ]

Should i just ignore you,
Or just give it time?
I cant think straight,
My heart controlls my [ M I N D ]
Point Your Lashed Down
And you can picture my Face
Im Smiling....

Open your mouth,Speak with your Heart,
And you can see my Soul
Im Waiting....

Place you arms around my Waist,
And you can embrace my uncertanity
Im Shaking....

Press your lips against Mine,
And try to catch me
Im Falling....

Dont take Credit!!!!!! thanx
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