Quotes added on Tuesday, March 23 2004

iSn't sHe luCky? tHis H o L L y w O o D giRl?

(xoxo smartz)
Will wE bE fRieNdS? whEn wE grOw oLd? oR iS tHiS tHe e N d oF thE l i N e ?

(you can copy but don't take credit:::be original, be unique xoxosmartz
i dOn't wAnnA bE liKe ciNderElla, siTtiN iN a dArk, cOld, duSty cEllAr, waiTin fOr sOmebOdy tO cOmE aNd sEt mE ( f r e e )
You were my grl wen i new everytihn was down for me... i trusted u in every way then u go down hard on me... and destroy wats left of my life... i loved u more than anything i wish i was still with u... everytihng left me down... i feltl ike a run down... but the worst part i new was...the broken hert u gave me... all the time i think of u i dreem of u i listen to ur talks u gave me.... how good i was to u... but u just went on and cheeted on ME!! i luved u more than anything i wished u coodve seen that if anything u shoodve seen how much i loved u...

this osng was made by me... thing is... song never worked for me...
i hope it worx for u cuz my life is shattered wit out my grl...

Falcon SlaYa99
. :Every thing means nothing unless i got u babe: .

IM me at Nikki 5425
Boys come and go but friends stay for sho
There are friends you see in school and thoes are just friends but the ones that u see out side are the ones who stay..
Friends are like fruit salad separtly there good but together there great

mAdE bY mE:
ur name is away rite now please leave a message as soon as this appears.

last year i couldnt stand him but my best friend loved him i didnt get what was so good about him.But when the year ended she moved on and when we came back i was in love
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