Quotes added on Wednesday, March 24 2004

ii shall call y0u squishy
y0u shall be my squishy
y0u shall be my squishy f0rever!
  l                                 \_________________|   |
  l         WORTH                    _________________(   )
  l________________________________ /                 |__|

its a softball bat if u couldnt tell sry its a little messed up! :'(

im me lata! 

1.Is passion that each of us has

2.Is giving all your love to make it last.

3.Is the trouble that we go throught each day.

4.Is time we spend apart the rest of the way.

5.Is the love thaat we share.

6.Is all the type of dares we care to share.

<3--Delisa & Jordan
...SoMeTiMeS I WiSh i CoUlD pReSs FaSt FoRwArD JuSt t0 SeE iF YoUr WoRtH ThE WaiT...

Love is like a poem it touches the sole.
With a poem you keep your treasures untolded.
The love you have for a person keeps you on a rid.
But a poem keeps your feelings in inside.

I never wanted to say good-bye,

I never wanted to just think of you and cry,

I never wanted to wish, that I could just move on,

I never wanted to accept the fact that you were gone,

I never wanted to stop having fun,

I never wanted to think that we were done,

I never wanted not to feel your touch,

I never wanted to stop loving you so much,

I never wanted you to hate me,

I never wanted any of this, so why can it be?

I never wanted to wish that I'd die,

I never wanted to tell you that stupid little lie,

I never wanted you out of my life,

I never wanted for it to be our friedship that we'd sacrafice,

I never wanted to stop looking you in the eye,

But most of all,

I NEVER wanted to say good-bye.
WoMaN CoMpLaiN aBoUt pMs.. but.. I tHiNk iTS ThE 0nLy TiMe 0f ThE m0nTh wHeRe i CaN Be MySeLf
PmS... PeRfEcT MaLe SeNdr0m
fRiEnDs d0nT LeT fRiEnDs dRiNk & bRiNg HoMe aN uGlY GuY!~
*Under the Smile*

Only one special person knows
What I feel under the smile
As the pain grows inside me
My friends just let go
But that one special friend
She knows how I really feel
She can see the hurt in my eyes
When I smile people think its all okay
And this is the price I have to pay
I feel like no one cares at all
But I still try to stand tall
Sure, I have great times with friends
But when I hit the home door, it all ends
My heart is shattered but that’s what no one can see
Yeah, I do still try to be me
But it’s the pain cutting inside me
Deeper and deeper it cuts
Everyone seems to think,
My life it perfect
When inside it kills me!
For a little this hurt seems to fade
Then in a couple of days its back to hurt me once more
I wish people could know
How the pain continues to grow
I wish they could see how it felt
The problems that I was dealt
Sometimes I think I shouldn’t be here
But then what about my future?
As I mature the pain seems to grow
Does anyone feel as I do?
A lot of times I just want to shout!
I just wish someone could help me out…

<3 ya lots,
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