Quotes added on Monday, March 29 2004

I Wish I Didn't Miss You

i don't know what to say
or even where to start
but inever would have guessed
it'd be you to break my heart

you can just walk away
but i don't feel the same
my love for you was true
and to you it was all a game

i wish there were a way
i could go back in time
to hold you in my arms
as if you were still mine

please someone tell me when
this pain will go away
when i'll forget the past
and move on to another day

a day where just for once
your face won't cross my mind
i won't think of our memories
i'll just leave them all behind

i won't think of our good nights
or the way you made me feel
i'll move onto someone new
someone whose love for me is real

i won't miss your arms around me
holding me so tight
i won't long to feel your body
pressed against me thought the night

the memory of your kiss
will finally disappear
and never again for you
shall i shed another tear

i say all this right now
wishing it could be true
but tonight i know i'll go to bed
crying over you. . .

((i didn't write it but when i broke up with my boyfriend, it explained how i felt :-/))
i'm not afraid of heights. . .i am however afraid of FALLING from heights
are we friends
or are we not
you told me once
but i frgot
so tell me now
and tell me true
can i say
i'm there for you?
of all the friends i've ever met
your the one i won't forget
and if i die before you do
i'll go to heaven and wait for you
i'll give the angels back their wings
and rick the lass of everything
just to prove my love is true
i'll be the friend that there for you!!

osama bin laden you time is short
we'd rather you die than come to court

why are you hiding if it was in God's name?
your just a punk with a turban, a pathetic shame

i have a question about your theories and lawes
how come you never die for the cause?

is it because your a coward who counts on others?
well here in america we stand by our brothers

as is usualy you failed in your mission
if you ecpect pure chaos you can keep on wishin

americans are now focused and stronger than ever
your death has become our next endeavor

what you tried to kill doesn't live in our walls
its not in buildings or shopping malls

if all of our structures came crashing down
it would still be there, safe and sound

because pride and courage can't be destroyed
even if the towers leave a deep void

we'll band together and fill the holes
we'l bury the dead and bless their souls

but then our energy will focus on you
and you'll feel the wrath of the red, white and blue

so slither and hide like a sanke in the grass
because americas coming to kick your @$$!!!!

((i didn't write it, but don't take credit because the person who did also had really kewl pictures to go with it in an e-mail and worked really hard on it))
E Unum Pluribus

shes an artist of sorts
with her brushes and paints
but she doen'st use canvas
its opinions she taints

around certain "friends"
she paints on a grin
so she can be popular
so she can fit in

with other friends
she loud and obscene
its the aim of the game
to be rowdy and mean

close to her family
shes quiet and shy
they hardly take notice
if she is nearby

when shes with the guys
shes a tease and a flirt
she gives and she gives
ignoring the hurt

the people nearby her
they hope and they pray
that they could be popular
like her one day

but when shes alone
she breaks down and cries
for there is no answer
when she asks, "who am i?"

+:*:+Sara & Judi+:*:+ THE REDNECK HOTTIES!! LOL!! we found it in a book so its not ours! but we thought it was cute anyways.
God made rivers
God made lakes
God made you
But we all make mistakes! :-P
it sucks to be so in love with someone that when their mad at you, you have no one to talk to about it, no one to trun to becasue your WHOLE WORLD has always been and will always be that one person
tha 1 'N' tha onlee +:*:+Judi+:*:+
do you care?
did you ever?
no don't answer
i don't think i can take any more of your lies
i wish you would tell me the truth cuz even if it hurt it would be better than knowing the person i love most in the world is lieing to me :'(
gurlz improve their bodiez not their mindz cuz they know boyz are stupid not blind
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