Quotes added on Tuesday, March 30 2004

its times we`re so crazy so ppl think we`re high...
its times we`re so bored we laugh till we cry...
those inside jokes n` remember whens`...
no matter what we`ll always be-
*BEST FRIENDS*...deicated to my one and only {name here}luv you girl!

[lovers name here]...if your asking if i need you,the answer is forever...if your asking if ill leave you,the answer is never...if your asking what i value, the answer is you...if your asking if i love you, the answer is i do.

AlExA<3's ZaCh!!
I found a reason for me
To change who I use to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you

SuBmItTeD By AlExA
I'm on the phone talking to. . .wait why do you care!? I'll be back when I'm done alright!?!? LaTeR. . . :-D
-:|:- (((y0ur name))-:|:-
A bEst FriEnD iS someOnE wHo WiLl GiVe you ThEiR lAst PiEcE oF gUm, LeT you WeAr ThEiR fAvorite ShIrT for a DaTe AnD wOuLd SiT wIth you oN a FrIdAy Night AnD eAt A wHoLe bOx Of IcRcReAm WheN you HaD a BaD dAy!
People say "yeah..their close and they're never apart" ooh please..me and these girls share a heart!
*.never appologize for saying what u feel....thats like appologizing for being real.*
Some days i cant get you off my mind..
other days i wonder why im wasting my time..
i got your back no matter the sittuation--> ur like my sister* I i dont need an explanation
when stuff starts to get tough and
rumors start to spread i look beside
me and your the only ones left standing
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