Quotes added on Tuesday, March 30 2004

you only have 3 choices when it comes to
love qive up* // qive in* // qive it your all
you decide - which ones -w o r t h i t <33
it's .in. |her| -->eyes<-- where you'll see the hurt of today and the happiness tomorrow
*:. You're the only one .:*

/*\As I look into your penetrating dark brown eyes
/*\I feel all the pain come rushing back from your deceitfulness and lies
/*\Why do all my thoughts contain you?
/*\I donít understand all this pain youíve put me through
/*\Iím not sure what I did wrong
/*\I guess I wasnít good enough for you all along
/*\Although youíve hurt me and put me through tremendous amounts of pain
/*\I wouldnít give anything for these life lessons Iíve gained.
/*\There are so many things because of you Iíve learned
/*\Donít ever give your entire heart away, youíll just get burned.
/*\Through all the pain and tears Iíve cried
/*\I havenít lost my integrity or my pride.
/*\No matter what youíve done or how youíve hurt my soul
/*\I will forever love you, and that is something through which I can console
/*\First loves last forever, never do they fade
/*\For you are the only person to which I will give my whole heart away.
this is how it goes- billy talent-
so i hold my breath untill my heart explodes
cause this is how it is and this is how it goes

only one-yellow card-
Broken this fragile thing now
and i cant, i cant pick up these pieces
i've thrown my words all around
but i can't. i can't give you a reason

in reverie-saves the day-
bottles breaking on my face
are only a reminder of yur love i lost a lifetime ago
I Ever knew life could hold a happiness
As true as the kind of happiness i find
When ever im with you..
And so i hope these simple words will
Somehow help you see that the very
Special love we share means everything
To me.
Im At ThE tInKlE rOoM...
CoUlD yOu PlEaCe HoLd....
Find yourself-and do it on purpose.

-Dolly Parton, from the movie A Walk to Remember
Find yourself-and do it on purpose.

-Dolly Parton, from the movie A Walk to Remember
I used to think you were the one for me
Now that you have left me
I realized and i see
I realized you weren't the one for me.
A new girl has recently taken my place.
i saw you f*ck her over in that space.
The same space were we met
The same space i though id never forget
i wish i could just shoot you
but thats the wrong thing to do
i think i shall just forget you
becasue you were NEVER true.
If someone ever calls you ugly
It never is true
they just want your day to turn blue
they wanna see you cry
they wanna see you wish to die.
Don't them do that to you
throw it back in their face
But whatever you do dont give them their space
Follow them everywhere they go
make them trip and fall so then they lose their flow
Don't let them beat you
Don't let them do it
They're just jelous of your looks
and the fact that you can read books
they suck at school
they think their cool
but jelous because when you look good in a swimsuit when you go to the pool.
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