Quotes added on Tuesday, March 30 2004

*LaDiEs WhEn YoU lOvE a MaN LeT hIm No*
*CuZ lIfE iS tO sHoRt To NoT LeT hIm No*
*FoR aLl YoU nO oNe oF yOu CoUlD dIe 2MoRoW*
*aNd He WiLl NeVa No Of Ur LoVe*
*U nEvA nO hE cOuLd LoVe YoU 2!*
you can't expect to s h i n e
if you never dare to d r e a m
i am who i am i`m who i wanna be
so you`d best just learn how to live with this me
Feeling beautiful and looking beautiful r to copletely different things!
it`s hard when it hurts this bad.. hard when you feel so sad.. hard to hold back all the tears.. but just remember-I AM HERE

(if you use this in ur profile bold the words bad sad and tears and make i am here in italics-it puts in the emotional atmosphere or watvr)
sOme People must think veins on your wrist r there to cut on tha dotted line with tha scissors of death being their razor blades but u gotta hang in their and remember people DO care .. listen to GC hold on wen u feel like letting go !
i am truly sorry
that it did not work out
it makes me wanna scream
and sometimes even shout
i will never figure out
what went wrong with u and me
because i thought it was meant to be
but now ur with her and not with me
and i have figured it out
u think ur to good for me...

hey here ya go use it if u like it!!! made by *MWAH*
the onLy Reason i go to school is cuz tha boys i mean with out them .. hoo would gurls think about or who would make us laf?
screw you....im a pimp too!!!

lol i made it but use it... it made me laugh....:-D
((°always live every day like it is your last day°((
)) °You never know when it is your last!° ))
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