Quotes added on Tuesday, March 30 2004

*negativity is the most negative thing there is*

i said it once, i`ll say it again

*negativity is the most negative thing there is*
always remember to thank someone
for everything they`ve done
cuz you`ll never ever know
when you`ll have to let go

3-28-04.. thank you for everything..
.y0u think y0ur aLL that n a baq 0f chiips.
.weLL iim aLL that n a baq 0f skittles.
.sO taste my raiinb0w.
d0nt *trust* ne0ne.reLy-0n-y0urseLf<Liive> Liife f0r y0urseLf cuz y0u .c.a.m.e. iin thiis w0rLd /aL0ne\ and y0ur .l.e.a.v.i.n.q. by y0urseLf
be who u wanna be..not what ppl tell u 2 be
theSe aRe tHe tYmeSs
i nEeD y0o the `m0st
buT yOu`Re g0ne
`m0ved 0n
thaTs h0w iT `g0es . . .
Xx.iif ii had n0thiinq but y0uiid stiiLL have {e v e r y h ii n q}.xX
pe0pLe say iim a teRriibLe pers0n, tHaTs JuSt n0t true. ii hAvE dA hEaRt 0f a y0unq qiirl---siitiing 0n a jar 0n mY dEsK
{L O N G}
if i could turn back time

If i could turn back time i would turn it to back before before this all happend
before i changed
before i went into tottle darkness
but i cant
if i could i would turn it to those days wen it was juz a happy place we were friends and eveyhting was perfect
and u were there for me and i was there for u but now i loook and all i see is me and u fighten and i hate it
its suxs my world iss juz driften apart
we used to be inseprable but now ive changed u did too and nuttn is goin to be the same
evy hting is diff now
and i cant chnage it i am in total darkness with only me now and no one else
and if i could juz turn back time i owuld turn it back back into time and stop all this before it could happen but i cant and i juz have to live my world how it is in total darkness with hu not here
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