Quotes added on Wednesday, March 31 2004

When I'm not in my right mind, my left mind gets pretty crowded
A true friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today, just the way you are.
We may fight, and we may cry, but my love for you will never die, I'll care for you until the very end, because you are my very bestest friend.
Don't ever be afraid to come to me and cry
Don't ever hesitate to look at me in the eye
Don't ever be afraid to tell how you feel
Remember your my girls and we got to keep it real
I wanna be with you
I want you to always be true
I wanna grab your hand
your right beside me where I stand
iTs tHis hEad OveR HeeLs
buTteRfLies iN yOuR stOmaCh
dReAm abOut* hiM daY aNd niGhT
nOthiNgs eVeR gUna bE thE saMe KiNdA tHiNg
Everyday That Goez By It Seemz Like I Discover Somethíng New about You To Love It'z Incredíble To Me How One Per§on Can Make Such A *BIG* Dífference In My Lífe You Touch Me In A Way No One Else Ever Haz And Gíve Me So Many Reasonz To Love You
"twice i have held ur life in my hand and twice i have given it back to u next time ur life is mine"-Second Hand Lions
"true love never dies"-Second Hand Lions
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