Quotes added on Wednesday, March 31 2004

ok this really happened to a really smelly guy at my cool..
Smelly guy: hey what time is it?
girl:time for u to get a wash..
Smelly guy:thanks
girl:oh srry i didnt mean to say it..

i thought it was funny but u had to be there i guess LOL hehe
love me, hate me, either way im on ur mind.

use it i got it off of something but i forget LOL
~You Dont Win The Silver...
~You Lose The GOLD!~!
There's only two times I wanna be with you, now and forever.
You know what? I wish there was something between us. A continent!
Stand up for what you believe in even if your standing alone
u can do anything u want just put ur mind to it
He's the cutest, sweetest, nicest, greatest, most romantic, most insensitive jerk I have ever met.
You try looking at a penguin and still be angry. Go on, I dare ya!
I used to think you were the one for me
But now that you left me
I realize and see
That you weren’t the one for me
So now a new girl has taken my place
And you no what we didn’t even get to first base
Some days I just want to shoot you
But I no that is the wrong thing to do
I think I should just forget you
Cause I do we were never true…………
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