Quotes added on Wednesday, March 31 2004

I wanna see you..
I wanna be with you
I wanna hug you...
and I wanna kiss you
im always t.h.i.n.k.i.n.g of u!!
*Scariest time in my life: watching someone who I thought had it all, dying because he gave up on life*
I aM wHo i aM uR OpiniOn is NeiTher
LauGH <-------> uNTiL iT H u R T S
"everything is POSSIBLE until proved IMPOSSIBLE." Elenore Rosevelt....
When at a school dance, always ask the guy you like to dance with you. No matter how scared you are, he might feel the same way you do, and he might be just as scared as you.
My classmates are the only "friends" that I have.
I want to go back when...boys meant "yuck" and friends were new ,dreams were unshattered worries were few , when recess was too short and life was to long, decisions came easy without the need to belong. when storks delivered babies and passions weren't so strong , friendships weren't unbroken right was right and wrong was wrong. when bad things didn't happen when only skinned knees brought tears and the nite lite in its socket quieted all of our fears, when farewell meant just for summer and real friends didn't part. the fun went on forever and never left a broken heart. ?I want to go back?
Think before you say things. Something u dont mean to say may slip out. that "little" thing may ruin tomorrow. if tomorrow is ruined, you will be upset. if u become upset u may get depressed. if u get depressed, u might think life isnt worth living. so think before you say things. think before u do things. its well worth it.
After likign him for so long you start to doubt..
One day he says..I do liek you..I love you..
But then the nest minute you now he is saying i don*t want a girl friend
I wanna be single...
I don*t want you..
You cry.. but now un knows..
you juss wish he knew how you felt
and you wish he knew you would give your life for him in a minute
you wish he knew how much you love him..
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