Quotes added on Friday, April 2 2004

its easier to figure out a rubics cube, than a girl...
love is something to hard to explain
love is a feeling way stronger than pain
love is the way i feel about you
the way i know my feelings are true
love is when you feel exact and precise
when your feelings for someone are stronger by night
when you feel happy to hear their voice
when you call someone just to say good-night
love is when all pain is gone
cus that special someone made happiness strong
love is how i know me and you are real
love is the way you make me feel.

dont take the credit
its dedicated to someone special
:: As sWeeT aS i aM yUr 10 TimEs sWeeTeR...By FaR ::
»¦«·.·´¨` EvErYtImE ii SeE YoU ´¨`·.·»¦«
»¦«·.·´¨` ii GeT lOsT iiN yOuR eYez ´¨`·.·»¦«
»¦«·.·´¨`ThEn I rEaLiiZe ii CaNt HaVe´¨`·.·»¦«
»¦«·.·´¨` YoU ´¨`·.·»¦«
.·*Our laughs are--»*[(LimitLess)]*
Our memOries--»*[(cOuntLess)]*
Our *friendship*--»*[(eNdLeSs)]*·.
+ i dont know what it is... or exactly how i feel about you... but its a feeling unlike anything else +
Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for them.
wut u are becoming is more important than wut u are accomplishing

advice is like kissing: it costs nothing nd its a pleasant thing to do

luck may bring u riches.. but it will nvr bring u wisdom

no failure is ever final- nor is any success

wen u invite trouble.. its usually quick to accept

promise only wut u can deliver.. then deliver more then u promise
i wanna get ya in the backseat windows up thats the way u like ta f**k fogged up all alert rip the pants and rip the shirt ruff s*x make it hurt in the garden in the dirt rollin round georgia brown thats the way i like it ta work legs jerked over worked in the sun or in the shade on the top my escalade baby ur gurlz and my friends can trade tag team off the ropes on the ocean or in the boat factores, or hundred spokes how bout in the candy stor' that chocolate chocolate make it melt! / __ __ __ ___ __
what ya fantasy by ludacris / l l l l l__l l l l l l__
/__ l__l l__l l l l__ l l ___l (for those who can't read it says ludacris)
~Don't take credit i take request my site is http://jamminchik423.proboards24.com or email me at ginapag@att.net ps my site has a shat room and polls etc.....
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