Quotes added on Friday, April 2 2004

thank u 4 always bein there by my side
u were the 1 who saved me from suicide


YoU cAn UsE bUt DoN`t StEaL oR cLaIm As YoUr OwN
im gonna let my silence
speak for itself & i hope
that [you] hear it...<3
friends r the ppl who r there 4 u if u need them...

even if ur in a fite


YoU cAn UsE bUt DoN`t StEaL aNd DoN`t ClAiM aS yOuR oWn
i wAnt to write your name
in the sanDd just to watch
the waves crash dOwn &
w a s h i t a w a y

(׷(It WaS EaSiEr To LiE
 `. `.
 . .
(׷(  AnD HiDe ThE hUrT aNd eMpTiNeSs
 `. `.
 . .
(׷(  To SmiLe InStEaD oF cRy
 `. `.,
 . .
(׷(  But im tired of pretending
 `. `.
 . .
(׷(   that everythings okay...
 `. `.
 . .
(׷(  My tears are starting to show
 `. `.,
 . .
(׷(and my smiles fading away
 `. `.
 . .

             sorry, if it looks messed up
TaKe tHiS rAzOr n SiGn mY wRiSt
sO eVeRy1 KnOwS wHo LeFt mE liKe ThiS. . .
I'm not like them but i can pretend. I feel dumb.
While your having fun. I sit around. Maybe I'm just happy. Just happy...
The pain Im feeling inside is making it hard for me to swallow
And making my heart feel empty and hollow
I wish I could see you and tell you how much to me you mean
But the next time is farther than it seems.
But I still have you in my heart and dreams
I cant still look to my heart and remember a smile on your face
Id give a lifetime to tell you I love you
And Id give anything to hear you call me yours
Thank God for introducing you to my life
I wish you couldve stayed
Because a connection like ours was so rare
Happiness in my life may never again be an issue
Now just memories of when I used to kiss you
I miss you so much its undescribable
But you remaning in my heart is undeniable
he L.o.V.e.S me 2
his L.o.V.e is tru...

y can`t he be` yo0ouu

^^by patsy kline but i`m puttin' it in love`
Its funny how you think you know somebody
Then you find out all they were was a lie...
Together forever we said
but now that i think of it we are better apart
You and I were the cutest couple
Then i moved and you went insane
You changed your whole look to hide the pain
There was no need to do that
We all feel the same
You call the friendship we have "friends with benefits"
Thats jus tone of the many things you changed into
When we were together you were so sweet
I miss the old you, but there's no going back ill just have to get used to it
^^This is to my ex boyfriend. We were together before i moved now hes changed. If your reading this I miss the OLD YOU!!^^
You didnt have to change
When we were together you were really sweet
dont get me wrong you still are
I just miss the old you who once told me
"Never change who you are to impress other people."
I took your advice and I love you for it
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