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itz a monkey sry if itz all screwed up lol
 ) I luv (bf's name)  ( 
     (¸.·´    `·.¸)     
          ( `·.¸        
           `·.¸  )      
We've been together for a couple months
But lately, you've been ignoring me, actin different
You always apologize and try to compromise
I always forgive you, but baby...it's not gonna be that way much longer...

Now that I know what its like to be with someone like *you*
If we ever break up
It'll be really hard to find someone that even comes close to *you*

In your arms is the [ o n e ] place I want to be
The one place that I feel [ s a f e ] from everything going on around me...
The one place I could stay [ f o r e v e r ]
When I saw u I was afraid to meet u.
When I met u I was afraid to like u.
When I liked u I was afraid to love u.
Now that I love u I'm afraid I'll loose u
LiVe eAcH dAy
lIkE tHERe's nO tOmoRRoW

Dance like nobody is watching you.

I hope everyone says "i Love U" at least once every day.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
but if the doctor's cute

A true friend will tell u when there's stuff on your face.

Dont be afraid to -close- your eyes and *dream* and then ~open~ them and ^see^
Dance like no onez watchin
Sing like no onez hearin
Luv like uz neva hurtin
*N* live each day like itz ur last
It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone
and a day to love someone
but it takes a lifetime to forget someone
One day you'll want me as I wanted you-
One day you'll think of me as I thought of you-
One day you'll cry for me as I cried for you-
One day you'll love me...
But I won't love you
I wRoTe YoUr NaMe In ThE sAnD bUt ThE wAvEs WaShEd It AwAy,
ThEn I wRoTe It In ThE sKy BuT tHe WiNd BlEw It AwAy,
So I wRoTe It In My HeArT aNd ThAt'S wHeRe It WiLL sTaY

A girl and a guy can be just friends,
but at one point or another they will fall for each other..
Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever..
Sharing laughter, sharing tears, sharing triumphs, sharing fears,
growing closer through the years...true friendship is forever.”
"Don't promise me the moon or the stars...

Just promise me you'll stay under them with me."

-;-No matter what happens -;-
-;-we'll always remember -;-
-;-the things that can never be forgotten, -;-
-;-the years we spent waiting to grow up -;-
-;-the years we spent waiting to become young again, -;-
-;-dying to get to high school -;-
-;-and dying to get out of it, -;-
-;-all in all it was worth all the time -;-
-;-and all the memoirs that can never be erased -;-
-;-from our hearts -;-
-;-and from our thoughts -;-
-;-the teachers we drove to insanity-;-
-;-the many friends we made -;-
-;-the funny dances, and football games -;-
-;-the goofy outfits we wore to homecoming-;-
-;-those people who didnt care what anyone else thought-;-
-;-People who changed our lives forever -;-
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