Quotes added on Thursday, April 8 2004

Ur ThErE fOr Me WhEn i GeT mYsElF iNtO sHyT...StIcKiNg Up FoR mE lIke ThEy StArTeD iT...
DeDiCaTeD tOo
*My BeSt FrIeNd FoReVeR i LoVe YoU
CoRtNeY loRoUiSh..

*By: ThE nOmBeR wUn DaNiElLe*
(c)DoNt TaKe CrEdIt(c)
ToDaY iZ tOmArRoWz YeStErDaY...
FrIeNdS aRe ThErE fOr U aNd PrObLeY wOnt B tHeRe In A cOuPlE oF yEaRz.. BuT bEst FrIeNd... tHeY ArE tHeRe FoR u AnD tHeY No wEn Ur FeElInG dOwN oR wEn Ur ReAlLy HaPpY..aNd U nO tHeY'rE a K.e.E.p.E.r.
DeDiCaTeD tOo My OnE aNd OnLy #1 BeSt FrIeNd FoReVeR aNd EvEr I wUv YoU
* ShArLeNe BoWmAn *

DoNt TaKe C.R.E.D.I.T. i WrOtE tHiS
->..U gOt It BaD..<-
->AlL tHeSe ChIcKz DoNt EvEn No THe NaMe Of My BaNd..BuT tHeYrE aLl On Me LiKe ThEy WaNa HoLd HandZ cUz WuNz I bLoW ThEy No IlL b ThE mAn<-
(My BaNd By EmInEm)
..*FrIeNdS aRe FoReVeR gUyZ aRe WhaTeVeR wHeN wOrSt CoMeZ tO wOrSt My GiRlZ cOmE FiRsT*..
DeDiCaTeD tOo AlL mY GiRlIz
HeY iTz Me N iM jUsT HeRe To SaY..PLEaSe NeVeR qO aWaY
life used tOo be sOo much easier when
oOur wOrriez were that recess was too
shOrt : prOblemsz cOuld be sOlved by
eEnii-mEeni-mini-mOo . only scrappin
oOur kneesz brOught tears ; bOyz had
cootieSz & goodbye only ment til ²moro
You can love anybody in the world...the problem is...so can he*
*Sometimes you think you've gotten over a person, but when you see him you smile,
and you suddenly realize, you're just PRETENDING you got over him,
to ease the pain of knowing,
he will never be yours*
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