Quotes added on Saturday, April 10 2004

Meant To BE <------ (wrote this about a girl i love)

Pretty brown eyes
Beautiful skin
Comes an angel down from heaven
And our journey begins

I wish I could show her
I wish she could see
how much I do love her
How much we were meant to be

I wish we could be together
I wish we could try
I always love to hear her beautiful voice
Or see the sparkling glow in her eye

We never really realized how much we were meant for each other
Or how much we were meant to be
But all or love changed in one day
We made a mistake,and it was all caused by me

As I lay on pillow and think about her everyday
I just want her to know how much i miss her and pray and pray and pray

One day it will work
One day youllsee
How far our love has gone
How much we were meant to be

Now we are together
And will never be apart
Theres nothing in this world
That will ever tear us apart
you make me smile for no
reason what so ever,
and you make me laugh at
the unfunniest things.
Ooh do i love youu
it could all be so simple
but you`d rather make it hard
lovin you is like a battle
& we both end up with scars
In a cold dark place
Where no one can find me
No one knows my struggle
I can't find the words
Why cant you understand
Over and over again
A heavy cloud fills my head
Thoughts of it all
Are now in pieces on the floor
Wish it was all that easy....
Somtimes all you can do is smile
And move on with you day
Hold back the tears
And pretend your okay
* I miss your smile-
when i act crazy
* i miss you kissin me-
in front of anyone!
*i miss our talks-
you sayin I love you every min
I miss the way you held me tight-
and lettin me go to sleep in your arms
I miss you cute expessions-
while you sing
I kno you still care about me and i still care for you-
but it is just so hard bc i am still in love with you!!
You pick me up when im down
You make me smile when im crying
You make everything around me dissapear
Your always on my mind
The touch of yor hand
The look in you eyes..
And everythings perfect again
Something in your eyes
Makes me wanna loose myself
In your arms theres something
And your voice makes my
Heart beat faster
Hope this feeling lasts
The rest of my life..

...*By JS....
The smile on your face tells me you need me
The truth in you eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of hands says you'll catch me if i ever fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

..*By JS...
All day long i can hear people
Talking loud
But when you hold me near
Your drown out the crowd

...*By JS...
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