Quotes added on Sunday, April 11 2004

ThE trouble with LoVe is...
it CAn tear you Up insidE
Make your HeaRt belIve a lye
ItS StrOnger Then YoUr PriDe
The TrouBle wIth LoVe Is...
It DoEsnT Care HoW FaSt YoU faLL
AnD you Cant ReFuse The CAll
See,YoU Got No Say aT all
We should all take a lesson from crayons, I mean come on. There are many different kinds some are beautiful some are plain and some have weird names, but they all have to learn to live in the same box, so why cant we all learn to live in the same world.
*Wanted by many*
**Taken by none**
***Lookin' at some***
****Waitin' for one****
if toast always lands butterd side down and cats always land on their backs what happens if you strap toast to the back of a cat?
--» hOlla

§orry i was tr¥in øut

© of ME!
What's the point in smiling if you have no one to smile for?
*Red*ReD*ReD*ReD* n -Black-bLacK-BlacK-BlAcK- Red n Black Together Attack!!

We ArE the MiGhTy MiGhtY TaRtIns N We WiLl PrOtEcT tHiS hOuse!


DonT tAkE cReDiT!
19%-dumb blonde
~100% All Star~

im sorry i used it from someone else and changed it a bit.
DoNt YoU wIsH wE cOuLd TuRn BaCk TiMe..
To NeVeR hEaR tHoSe .*.+GoOd-ByEs+.*.


..you may use this and the rest of my work..but please dont call it your own.thankyou.
If you wanna girl to play.. go buy a Barbie
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