Quotes added on Wednesday, April 14 2004

YoU cAn OnLy LiVe OnCe..
So WhY wAsTe aNy Of ThAt TImE
oN UsElEsS rElAtIoNsHiPs?
OnCe YoU fInD tHe RiGhT gUy
yOu wOnT bE wOrRiEd aBoUt
TiMe wAStEd. YoU wIlL kNoW
hE iS wOrTh It..<3

<3||xox.dC.xox ||<3
a DrEaM iS a WiSh YoUr HeArT mAkEs..*

*- - - .   ,----.  .......    __  ........*  *  *  ........*
|       : :      : |      )  :  : |          |  |  |
|       : :      : |      '   ""  |          |  |  |
|       : :------: |      |   ||  |----*     |  |  |----*
|       : :      : |      |   ||  |          |  |  |
|       ; :      : |      |   ||  |          |  |  |
*- - - '  *      * *      *   ||  |.......*  *  *  |.......*

*a lil was diligintly pounding away on her father's keyboard. Her father noticed adn ask what she was doing.She said she was writing a story. Her father just noddded and sed so wats it about. her response: "i dont kno, i cant read"

its cute lol
My heart is captured in a hazy mist,
Filled with fading memories of our last kiss.
While tears rain down and erase,
The touch and feel of our last embrace.

How can my spirit live on,
Without love's beauty and song.
Her absence will be a mystery,
Which haunts my nights with misery.

Joathon babe I love u!!ur girl Karri
Tears fall down like a rainy day
The only cure to ease the pain

Tears come down when you're alone at night
It's like protection from what you can't fight

Tears are tears,they don't really change nothing
They make you hope and wish for that same something

Tears fall down when that someone let's you go
Memories bring tears and pain,I should know

Tears are reminders of the pain from the past
They come down faster when things dont last

Tears will fall untill i sleep
Until i dream a dream so deep

My dreams protect me,Keeps me from what i fear
But then I'll awake,think of you,and down come the tears

It's sad I know!!!but it's true..and Jonathon I love u babe!!ur girl *Karri*
Sitting here wondering why do I feel like this,
you made me feel like this after that kiss.
I feel my love has gotten stronger,
my love for you will last longer.

Wondering, is he the right man,
wondering, if he will put a ring on my hand.
When I talk to him I lose control,
it's like he is taking over my soul.

Wondering why you think I like your friend,
you know I'll only be for you til the end.
No one can ever love me the way you do,
because your love is pure and true.

Your eyes are so beautiful they make me weak,
when you look at me I cannot speak.
Wondering why it took so long for us to meet,
but it don't matter now my life is complete.

Wondering why I only want you to take my virginity,
wondering why when I'm around you I have no energy.
You are the only one I'll give my body to,
no one else, just you and only you.

Jonathon this is to u!!luv ya more then u know(xoxo)Karri
Arty farty had a party,
and all the farts were there,
tooty fruity did a beauty
and they all ran out for air

it's yucky so i thought i would put it in here..but i dont quite get it and i think im glad i dont!!lol*Karri*

i found this on another website
by Jenni
I raise my hand
To wipe a tear
Trickling down my face
Running in fear
On my back
Secrets lie
A gentle pat burns
And I cry
A purple, blue, black
Painted spot
All because of Daddy's mistake:
It makes him rage
It makes him yell
All because of this drug
I live my life in hell
Why won't he love me
Why can't he care
I want a normal Daddy
It just isn't fair
Here he comes
Through the door
Cursing my name
Screaming once more
His hand swings again
At my face
In the corner
Is an empty beer case
Then a knife
Rises apart
And falls quickly and fast
Into my heart
Tonight was my birthday
I turned 6+3
It was also the night
My daddy murdered me

oh my gosh this is so terrible..i found this on a website !!I hope this didnt really happen!! *Karri*
Like a thousand butterflies flying into your soul,
Like a million spirits pushing out, trying to let go,
Your Self- consciousness is the only thing awake,
Although your feelings touch your nerves so deep down low.

You can't control what's happening, powerless to your thoughts,
Your mind takes over body like a predator to its prey,
Visions of such horror maybe a castle in the dark,
Stuck in a fog with death but haven't got a clue which way.

You feel your heart jumping off the cliff as you feel you really fall,
Even your body moves so slightly even if its still,
Ghosts and zombies feel the stale, cold, sickening air,
Humans with two heads, and petrifying creatures that only kill,

Your ready to take in your last ever breathing breathe,
When suddenly you see white patterns before your eyes,
Looking at the ceiling, clinching to your very bed,
Awaking from your nightmare moments before your dead!

scarey isn't it??hahaha it was a lil weird i know but still!!!*Karri*
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