Quotes added on Thursday, April 15 2004

Its ok to kiss a fool.
Its ok for a fool to kiss u.
But its not ok if the kiss fools u!
Do u belive in love in 1st site?
U will when u meet me!
~ Will I be there when u call me in the middle of the night? ~
~* Will i keep the rain from fallin down into ur life *~
Guys aren't worth it anyways right?

~* Or are they *~
There's gotta be more to life!!!!
Every cutie wid a butie;

~!Needs a hottay wid a bottay!~
I wish we could juss go back!
~*~*~Im movin on~*~*~

~*~*~*~ Puttin u in the past ~*~*~*~
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