Quotes added on Friday, April 16 2004

in my world
everything is black or white
everyone gets along
and no one fights

when times get hard
we grow strong
while never letting down our guard
we sometimes make choices that are wrong

life gets tough
it can drop a bomb on us and the explosion can be rough
so we learn to cope
and through this journey we gain faith and hope

then there are times where we're handed lemons and we make lemonade
then the painful memories began to fade
from the support and courage from our families and friends
we eventually learn there is more to following trends

and in my world
the support of ur peers lets us stand alone
but they wil always be there when you pick up the phone
and ind this perfect dream
our feelings are spoken before we burst out and scream
in this world our hearts would heal in a snap
and no one would make each other feel like crap

But we live in a world that happens to be real
where the pain is the game
and we have to hide behind our feelings, suck it up and deal
we need to be independent
and know that its okay to feel
Friendz are forever, guys are whatever, when worst comes to worst my best friend comes first!

This is dedicated to tracy! Thanks for being there by my side when i needed you and i will always be here for you

---dont say u *LOVE* me---
---unless u mean it---
---cuz i mite do sumpin crazi---
--- in like *Believe it*---

the road i chose, is taking no turns
i can feel the pain but i see no burns
this life that im living
doesnt feel so giving
some times i wish i could hide
im so sick of these tears
and the passing years
looking back now
i kno this is it..
i kno this is my end

by: emily

take it but dont take credit


Never forget that Kyle and Justin!!

luv yaass
baby i love u
baby i care
baby, i cant live my life
wishing u were there
i see the lovers
come and go
but sometimes i wish
u could just kno
but ill keep on going
because i kno this isnt it
ull see it soon..
and we will sit under the moon
soon, ull love me too

By: eMiLy <3

take it but dont take credit
underneath ur clothes
theres an endless story
theres the man i chose..
)( sHaKiRa )(
WoOd does't grow on a tree
but it sure grows on yur bf
juss fine
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