Quotes added on Saturday, April 17 2004

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm in love,
But not with you.
When we broke up,
You thought I cried,
But all it was,
Was another guy.
You said you loved me,
And I thought it was true,
Well guess what boy?
Your a** got played too!

This is to anyone who eva got played!
E-mail me at snowboardbabe484@yahoo.com!
When Things Go Wrong I Come To You..
When Things Are Fine I Can Talk To You..
Yourr My Best Friend Boy I Love you..
I Wish It Would Be Just Me And You..
Cause From All The Good Times We've Had..
You havent Made one Of Them Bad..
Cause Your My Bestt Friendd..
And Bot I Love You..
<3.Best Friends Forever.

..My Stuff..
`·“ .-.-.
.-.-. `·“
`·“ .-.-.
.Lovee Youu..
Hi Ho. Hi Ho. Its off to school we go..
to learn some junk.. in then we flunk..
Hi Ho. Hi Ho. Hi Ho. Hi Ho
Boys Are Great..
Every girls team.
needs a water boy.

..My Stuff..
K     K   RRRRRRRR   IIIIIIIIIIII     SSSSSSSSSS                             
K    K    R       R        I         S                         
K   K     R        R       I         S                          
K  K      R       R        I         S          
K K       RRRRRRRR         I          SSSSSSSSS                       KK        RR               I                    S          
K K       R R              I                    S            
K  K      R  R             I                    S      
K   K     R   R            I                    S       
K    K    R    R           I                   S 
K     K   R     R    IIIIIIIIIIII      SSSSSSS  

   ..Hope It Worked Out.. 

.My Stuff.         
baby i love you...baby i need you..i gotta have you....cant be without you..baby i loove you..you know i need you...gotta have you..cant be without you...!!
Before you *critisize* someone {first} walk a mile in their shoes then that way when you *critisize* someone your a mile away and you have their shoes
Do *you* believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?
Soccer and basketball are my everything, and without them I would be nothing.
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