Quotes added on Sunday, April 18 2004

reality is your guy can care a less who u r or wut u are..or wut u stand for as long as your f*kable...n wen they say they luv u...there just sayin that to score points..n wen they hit a lil bump they give up on u n quit tryin cuz u didn't mean sh*t to them neways
d0nT CrY bCUz ItZ oVEr...sM1Le bCuZ It hApPeNd
My hearts taken
love is cold
i would-a told u
but im not that bold
could u ever trust me..
do u kno?
that i used to luv u
before u let me go
i tried to grasp on
but my heart wouldn't lie
i was forced to hurt u
to make you cry
it was a waste of time
i kno wut your thinking
it wouldn't last
our luv was sinking
i felt the shame
heard the guilt
i could've luved u
but the luv was spilt..
*He holds me when i start to cry, makes me smile with just his eyes, shares my hopes dreams and fears, wipes away all my tears, i love him without regret i just havn't met him yet.*
someone lost in happiness
someone whose heart was always wanted
someone whose love will never fade

a person who carries there name around them like a circus or parade
a person who could find the light in the darkest place or hope in the slightest hour.

someone whose tears are locked away to hide the weeping sorrow
someone who tries to find away to make it through tomarrow.
i worried wen i thought that u was cheatin,on my heart that wasn't done beatin for u..
u asked me wut was wrong..i told u to listen ..sed sumthin was missin..ooohoh
i lied to you wen i sed i didnt' luuuv u that i could live withooout u iii lied ohhh why did i liieeee,and i didn't say im sorry..u are my baby..i am soo crraaaazyyy.ohoh
im sittin here waitin for your caaall,man i could've had it all ohh i blew it yes i totally bllleeeeww it, weeenn i lied to you wen i sed i didn't luv you that i could live without you iiii liiieed oh why did i liiieee,cuz i didn't say im sorry u are my baby i am sooo craaazy
your luv fills me each new day
its the reason im awwaake...and now youur gooooooooonnneeee....cuz of my........................mistake

***i wrote myself***
I went to the Kelly & Clay concert @ the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, on 4.16.04.. and Kelly said some funny things I wanted to share..
[AI fans will appreciate this!]

"Awoohooo! Cool beans!"
"Man it's hot in here.. I'm sweatin' like Ruben!"
"Who's this? Spencer?! You sound like a woman!"
"I'm gettin older.. And more immature!"
"OK im showin my butt to my fans.. oh.. thats great!"
"Ohh yeahhh heyyy ohhh Scrabble queen! WOOOO!"

haha Kelly is great

x0x0 shan
love is like more than an emotion its the substance of our living every morning when i wake up your the reason i live and your the reason i love

^^**^***^***^***^**Used to be dedicated not no more

Dont copy!

i know Its kinda lame but hey still dont copy!..kay u can copy i dont care
>>Guys are playas<<
** Thats a fact**
<<Dont Fall inlove<<
::Just Play 'em back::
what do you call a freezer full of blondes?!.. FROSTED FLAKES! muwhahahhahahah

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