Quotes added on Wednesday, April 21 2004

i love my b/f
i love my mom
i love my grandma
i love myself
i love lots of boyz
but most of all i love my cuz BRITTNI WILLMOTT
J/K lol no i love EVERYONE
love lots alexis
if cheerleading wasn't sport..i couldn't live
Your there when my world falls down*
I lOve yOu..yOu lovE me..leTs chaSe ur ex up a trEe...wiTh a knifE thrEw heR baCk..and an arrow thrEw heR heaD..arEnt u gLad ur ex is dEad?..
*you see my name everywher you go*
----»(your name)
*writen by a boy n crossed out by a hoe*
i loved u forever
and u didnt even notice [*me*]
how come?
am i too fat?
am i not smart?
am i not pretty?
how come?
since i told [*you*]
do u like me now?
am i *still* not skinny
am i *still* not to smart
am i *still* not pretty?
im sorry..im trying my hardest
to win [*your*]--->hEaRt<---
*ladiez are **
*i love my boyzZz*
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