Quotes added on Saturday, April 24 2004

tell everybody im on my way,
with wonderful new places to see,
tell everybody im on my way,
and no where else that i'd rather be!
when i look how far i've come,
and cant believe it,
then i see it.
all of you people who say.. oh so and so dont steal my quote i sumbited it first.. grow up your putting your stuff on the internet.. people are going to take it.. if u dont like it then refrain from putting your work on here
tell everybody im on my way,
new friends and new places to see,
tell everybody im on my way,
and theres no where else that i'd rather be!
when you stop and look,
you dont think that you have the best life,
but when you look around through someone elses eyes,
then you know hwo great you life is.
abuse is bad.
and guess what,
i have to deal with it.
His sweet and teasy smile
I get lost just looking in his eyes
As mine gloss over
With tears
He explains to me
Why we cant be together
For there are too many worries and fears
So silently i have to pretend
Like i'm gonna be okay
When all I wanted to do
..Was get to be yours today..

please feel free to take..just dont label it your own
Mayb if i had let
Tears fall down my face
maybe then things would be different now
My anger, my thoughts and hurting could all be erased
one day outta ur whole life..u realize..that you have to grow up....and once it sets in..theres only one thing left to do...grow up...
The streets were wet and the gate was locked
So I jumped it, and let you in
And you stood at your door with your hands on my waist
And you kissed me like you meant it
And I knew that you meant it

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