Quotes added on Sunday, April 25 2004

When everything goes right. Something alwayz goes wrong. But never give up, alwayz stay strong.
Criticize me all you want until you drop.
But you're not me, you don't feel the people ever stop.
I have burdens on my shoulders they won't go away.
People saying I'm a whimp, but it's not okay.
I AM a strong person, and if you could only see, that what I'm going through
is in no comparison to you!

so back up off me all u haters!!!
iif y0u love me truzt in me
the way that ii truzt in y0u
y0ur mY first * R e A l * l O v E *
the kind that only happens once
tHe kind that lastS -f.O.r.e.v.e.r-
the Couple that [e][v][e][r][y]One
´¯`·._.·´¯`*·-»Lo0kSz at n saysz
"* t h e Y ` r e * 'P e R f E c T' *"
I AM an athlete no matta what they say.
This pride, this joy, no BOY can take away.
I can whup them on the court, or on the soccer field.
Call me a girl all u want sucka, cuz u ain't got game.
*.love is when you have a bad day.*
*.but then you see the one you love.*
*.and everything suddenly seems ok.*
*Think* about what you say
because its a fact
No matter how BaD you want to
-Take your words back-
*U* LefT BeHinD A BrOkeN HeArt,
And HaPPy MeMorIeS To0,
But I NEvEr WaNted MeMorieS,
I Only WanTeD *U*
FirSt he SaiD thAt hE *wOuLdn’T* leAve mE
wHat a fOol tO beLieVe thAt liNe
juSt anOthEr onE of hIs *obSeSsiOns*
tO heLp to pAss tHe tiMe
i wanna b tha girl u talk 2 on tha fone
i wanna b tha girl u cry 2 sayin "i don wanna be alone"
i wanna b tha girl u chill with on friday nites
i wanna b tha who u kiss n hold tight
i wanna kno everythin bout u, inside n out
i wanna b tha girl u cant live witout
i wanna b tha girl who ur boys kno u thinkin about
tha 1 only luv 4ever with out a doubt
cuz boy i don wanna b stressin n forget tha messin
i jus wanna b ya girl
tha only 1 in ur world
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