Quotes added on Monday, April 26 2004

She had it all
She was happy
She loved life
She met a girl
Who didnt love life
Now she hates it
She wants to die
But does her best to keep her friends
Some of her friends dont realize how much she tries
to stay alive
and be there friend
and be there for them
They dont listen to her
So now shes leaveing
They dont know it
They arent talking to her
But when they do find out
To bad for them
They missed it
They missed out on a beautiful friendship
Notice how now she knows who her real friends are
The ones that dont tell her secrets
The ones that stay by herside when she hits a bump in life
The ones that she can cry on their shoulder
The ones that if shes lonley she has a friend by herside

-- O u T k A s T --
If you are no one to yourself
your going to say that your no one to everyone else
but really you could mean nothing to yourself
and everything to someone else

-- Rachel --
Best friendz stick wit u no matter wut happens even if dey dis agree with what yuour doing

friends make it all dramatic

-- Rachel --
"Turns out not where but who you're with that really matters."
--Dave Matthews
.the HardeR I puSh
the F u r t h e r I f
l .
we can do anything
that tuRns you uP
& sets you fReE
*love is a strong word, so dont say it unless you mean it, because love is a word that can mean a lot in someone's heart, but it's the reason so many are broken*
~*::+:: hOmewOrk ::+::*~

be back wenever
..:: when someone talks to you..i get so jealous..because just for a minute..they were talking to the most precious thing in the world ::..
...IM me enough..and i might just come back...
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