Quotes added on Monday, May 3 2004

10. We're half naked
9. We never stop no matter how hard it is
8. We never hesitate to get on our backs
7. We love getting wet
6. The deeper we go the faster we get
5. Ultimate swim suit competition
4. We'll usually bring along a six pack
3. We can beat you with one stroke
2. We're just so hott
1. We do it better in the water
~~*Swimmer's Prayer*~~

Now I lay me down to rest I've tried my hardest and done my best to swim, flip, speed, and cheer, with the fastest times and no trace of fear. I know in the morning my body will ache, but for what I love, it's a price I'd gladly pay. Thank you God for making me strong with determination and commitment when practices are long. And if I shall die before I wake, I'll know I've shown the world that swimmers are born not MADE!
|S|w|i|m|m|i|n|g| my Anti-Drug
I swim the sport.
I practice smart.
My energy comes from my heart.
There's no one out there.
That I can't beat.
Cuz I'm 100 percent athlete.

We needed more swim quotes in here.
Swimming is a sport, everything else is just a game.
i cRiEd tOdAy.. nOt bEaCaUsE i mIsS yOu..
oR eVeN wAnTeD yOu bUt bEcAuSe
i fInAlLy rEaLiZeD iM gOnNa bE AlRiTe wItH oUt yOu
x.O.HeS CutE, sMaRt aNd ReElY FuNnIe.O.x
o.X.He mAkEs eVeY ClOuDy dAy o sO SuNnY.X.o
X.o.He lUvS Me sO MuCh hE TeLlS Me dAy tO DaY.o.X
O.x.ItS So pErFeCt, CuZ I FeEL tHe sAmE WaY.X.o
X.o. We R AlWaYz tOgEtHa aNd NEVER EVER fIgHt.o.X.
O.x.O, U MiTe nO HiM, hiS NaMe iS Mr.rItE.X.O.
                  .·'"`· . ·'"`· .·'"`·.
                  ( (    In LoVe      ) )
                  ( (  WiTh y0u      ) )
                    ` ·..·` ·..·` · ·..·` ··.
                                      (Y )(*Y) 
*-i LoOk aT aLL tHe PiCtUrEs oF tHe PaSt- tHiNkiN oF hOw ThE yEaRs WeNt bY sOo FaSt- ThE dAnCeS- tHe PaRtiEs- ThE PiX-tHe LaFfS- tHe ShOuLdErS 2 CrY oN n CuTe PhOtOgRaPhS- tHe PpL iVe KnOwN SiNcE WaY bAcK wHeN- ThE nEw KiDs cAmE EvErY nOw N tHeN- tHe FrEnDsHiPs U mAkE cOmE n gO- bUt ThErEs aLwAyS tHoSe FeW uLL aLwAyS kNo- NoW aS wE gO oUr SePeRaTe WaYs- i KnO iLL aLwAyS rEmEmBeR ThEsE dAyS-
*A Broken Heart Is Forcing Yourself To Hang Up The Phone After You Have Dialed The First Three Digits To His Number. *

*A Broken Heart Is When You Think About The Individual That Broke Your Heart Constantly. You Reminisce The "Good Times" Almost As If The "Bad Times" Never Existed. *

*A Broken Heart Is When You Are Crying Yourself To Sleep Every Night And Yet Crying More And More Each Morning. *

*A Broken Heart Is The Cold Shattering Feeling You Receive When You Hear The Syllables Of His Name. *

*A Broken Heart Is Secretly Wanting To Run Back To Him And Secretly Wanting To Just Be Loved By Him Again. *

*A Broken Heart Is Asking Desperately For Just One Last Chance With The Only Person Responsible For Your Loneliness. *

*A Broken Heart Is Pretending To Not Care What His Friends Are Saying About You. *

*A Broken Heart Is Screaming And Begging For A Second Chance Inside. *

*A Broken Heart Is The Emptiness And Heart-Wrenching Feeling You Encounter When You See Him With His New Love. *

*A Broken Heart Is Knowing That No Matter What You Do Or Say To Yourself, You Can't Fool Your Heart Into Believing That You Will In Fact "Be Alright."*

*A Broken Heart Is Seeing Him And Even Though It May Be The Hardest Thing That You Have Ever Had To Do But, You Decide To Walk Away. *

*A Broken Heart Is Listening To That One Song That Makes You Break Down, Over And Over Again. *

*A Broken Heart Sometimes Means: Not Wanting To Go On. *
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