Quotes added on Sunday, May 9 2004

"Party here, Party there
Rock the house cuz they don't care
We're the ones that aren't a bore
Cuz we're the class of 2010!!

"Party on Baby
Friendz 4 ever
Dance all nite
We'll be 2 gether
Girlz like Guyz
We're cute
Well sure
Cuz were the class of 2010!!

"The party dont start til we walk in
We rock the party
We hit the floor
Cuz were the class of 2010!!!

The trouble with love is
It can tear you up inside
Make your heart believe a lie
Its stronger then your pride

AnYtImE yOu fEeL
LiKe yOu jUsT cAnT HoLd On..
JuSt HoLd OnTo mY LoVe
iLL HeLp yOu Be sTrOnG
i th0ugHt yoU wOuLd bE FoReVeR {{ miNe }}
sO I GuEsS iTs TrUe. . . yoUr ReaLLy GoNe tHiS tiMe
<33--Hey, I'm shopping!--<33

So if you wanna meet me at some stores to shop, I'm at Kohls, G&G, and Dots! Just look for me there!

Or hit my cell to reach me, or to find out where I am, or
Leave some lovin' for when I get back! <33

Cell number: ---*----

x0x Cheryl x0x

(C) Cheryl
(AIM:) Rain Dancer x0

(Note: put shopping, the stores names, cell, lovin', your cell number, and your name in a different font color than you have now, it looks better!)
I'm startin to fall head ova heels about him, but still he's goin out wit her not me tat's the things that suck bout' love
Here's another profile for anyone who wants to use it.

*LeT iT bUrN

Kicken*It*Center Moriches NY baby!
aKa* Laverne, Rizizle,Rach, Milktruck lady
Statz* Single, but crushing on him
hobbies*softball(#16!)..computer...my friends, of course!

Shouts to my girls and boys:
Shannie,Sara,Sam,Jean,Hillary,Kayla,Nina,BeccaT,Ker,Callie,Sarah,Deirdre,Kevin,Chester,Matt,Abey,Josi..and if I forgot you..slap me!

I would love you like no other if you'd only take my hand
I would love you like no other, but you don't understand <33

.:[ yOuR oUt ]:.

(C) Cheryl
(AIM:) Rain Dancer x0

(Feel free to IM me for anything...^^)
(Note, if ti doesn't fit, sorry!)
(Put *LeT iT bUrN in Impact, sized 12.)
hey hey hey hey #5
hey hey hey hey #5
we got our eye on you
we got our eye on you
and what we like best of all
and what we like best of all
is when you slam that ball
is when you slam that ball
so break that bat and bust that ball
so break that bat and bust that ball

(you can change the #)
to the tune of frosted flakes

hey (name) we like the things you do
hey (name) if i could i would be you
your the 1 and only Panther with the 1 and only hit
you know how to make a grand-slam grrrrrrrreat
(1st name and last name) is more than good, she's great!!


(u can change the team name and she 2 he but plz dont take credit cuz this wuz invented by my softball team)
(Ross listening to messages)
Ross: Hey, Rach there's a message from you
Rachel: No Ross hang up the phone (jumps on his back) hang up the phone just hang up the phone!
(phone falls in sink)
Ross: Your over me? When were you...under me?

Why Can't I?-Liz Phair

Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you?
Why can't I speak whenever I talk about you?

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