Quotes added on Monday, May 10 2004

“You voice your faults to me, as if it is a valid excuse;
instead of proving how worthless you are, save the abuse;
fix the problem, and move on..
Because in my eyes girl, you were already gone.”
* iF u WaNa Be w/ mE
* BoY u BeTtA THiNk TwiCe
* CuZ BaBi i AiNt DaT NiCe....
* i LeaRnEd FrOm aLL u PLaYaS
* NoW iMa PiMPeTTe 4LiFe
..::..I lOoKeD iNSiDe mA dIaRi..::..
..::..aNd sAw aLl thA nIcE tHiNgS i wRoTe aBoUt yOu..::..
..::..nOw i rEaLly kNoW..nOt oNe wOrD oF iT iS trU..::..
..::..bUt inSiDe My HeAr I kNoW i StIlL lOvE yOu..::..

*StRiCtLy PiMpiN AiNt No MoRe LoVe GiViN*
*No TiE DoWnS Im GoNnA MaKe My LiFe WoRtH LiViN*
« aLL my friends ask why im s0 [|| hunq ||]0n yoOu »
after all the ( shyt ) y0u said n put me through
its hard t0 expLain - i wish they w0uLd reaLiize
what it is like tO loOk at y0u thr0uqh my [eyez]
       ×.| BIG |.× 
[]D [] []v[] []D [] []\[]
HiM: I'll Love You Forever.

ME: But What If i Die?

HiM: Then I'll Die Too.

Me: But Really. What if i died like tomorrow?

Him: Baby you aint dieing. Never. You Cant Die Bcus You'll Be With Me Forever.
That was a convo me and my Bf had. hes the best.
ii cant f0rqet yu
ii cant settLe f0r yu as just a friiend
ii wish i c0uLd qo back
back t0 the tiime ii th0uqht ii w0uLd never L0se yu
ii miiss yu m0re nd m0re each day
iive triied t0 f00L myseLf by teLLinq myseLf ii m0ved on
but ii kn0w thats a Liie
the 0nLy pers0n ii f00Led was yu
yu thiink iim 0ver yu
yu beliieved ii was t0taLLy 0kay wiith the breakup ..
but reaLLy .. the day ii L0st yu .. my heart br0ke in tw0

(¨`•.• ´¨)* 
    `•. ¸.•´*SiNgLe BuT 
(¨`•.•´¨) * cRuShIn*~~ 

Quit talkin your S h y t
its all >in< your head
your gunna want me *back* someday
but ill [rememeber] what you said
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