Quotes added on Monday, May 10 2004

Could've been so beautiful
Could've been so right
Could've been my lover
Everyday of my life
Could've been so beautiful
Could've been so right
I'll never know what could've been
On a cold and lonley nite
* The one who broke my heart *
* You're the reason my world fell apart *
* It's guys like you who make me cry *
* But yet I still love you *
* And I really don't know why *

jealous is not kinda
i lost my love because of it
i cant believe i got so jealous
over something so stupid
i love him so much but he will never no how i feel
because i let jealous get in the way

josh i love u and i hope u no it
if u no how much pain u put me though
u would no why i get so mad at you
i love you with all my heart but u seem not to care
i just hope u no the time we had together was hell
im glad its over, i dont have to feel pain everyday
i just have to feel pain for a week.
when u said u wanted to be friends
i said thats fine with me
you asked if i was ok
i said yes and u walked
away never knowing that i was dieing inside.
u no when u found the right friends
when they stop fighting when u need them
they but aside there differences to make u happy
god my life would suck if i didnt have them
--*sO iF yAh HaVe TiMe.........
--*iD lIkE tA rEwInD..............
*--aNd StArT oVeR aGaIn......
*--CaUsE iTs KiLlIn Me NoW...

By Me*
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iT sAyS hOlLa!! 
..*.:°€]DiP iT lOw.PiCk It Up SlOw.MoVe It AlL aRoUnD pOkE iT oUt LiKe YoUr BaCk BrOkE.pOp PoP pOp DaT tHaNg.ImMa ShOw Ya HoW tA MaKe Ya MaN sAy OhHhHh[€°:.*..

sorry its kinda messed up ;x
its dip it low by christina mileon!
x33 l!nDzz
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love is like poop.....when it wants to happen, let it happen
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