Quotes added on Tuesday, May 11 2004

one last thing
before you go
one last piece, of my soul
would it matter if i held you
and told you that it was alright,
one last time
i wanted to be your first love
i would have settled for your
last romance.
but as you walk into his arms
will we ever have our last dance?
forever ends within this minute
why did you choose to end it like this?
-Jacks Broken Heart
the rain is dancing beneath the street lights at midnight
a world is speaking to me, saying you're not crazy.
endulged in these sights, check to see if my eyes are right.
can you see? what ive seen.
are the raindrops staring back at me?
or am i losing it, having one of my fits?
the sky is drowning
air is so thick
just can't seem to escape
evade this beauty
what am i saying
when my heart is aching
cant barely take it,
but it is so worth it!
walk away now
-Jacks Broken Heart
the face i see in front of me may
never be on magazines
i k n o w i m s t i l l g o n n a s h i n e
you were soft-spoken
in the hardest way
endless waiting for those things
you could never say
you always knew
how to b r e a k my day </3
sOmEtImEs YoU rEaLlY gOtTa WoNdEr
WhOs FaKe -N- wHoS tRuE..
-N- wHaT fRiEnD wOuLd RiSk It AlL 4 yOu
»« it takes billi0ns of people t0 »«
.: :.c0mplete the world but.: :.
--» it only takes y0u to «--
c0mplete mine

nE girL can havE y0u - h0Ld y0u - kiSS y0u `nd
pLEasE y0u but she *w0nt* say what i t0Ld y0u
- miss y0u - want y0u - `nd nEEd y0u .. shE can
say she`z thE 0ne f0r y0u - but - i kn0w she`LL
[ n E v E r ] L00k at y0u thE way that i do*
Its impossible to find someone
who never hurts you so go for
the one who's worth all of the
--» [p a i n]«-- . x3 )¸.·*¨`»

m a y b . i m . S C a r e d . t O .
s . a . y . i . m . f . a . l . l . i . n .
*`·-·´*`·-» f O r .y O u «-·´*`·-·´*

`if you have tha feelin when you see hym`
`that your floating in air `
`that your |[life]| depends on him`
`that you couldn't |[carry on]| w/o him`
`he has that rare something that your`
|[madly in love with]|

its not about the jealousy and its not about the pain..
Its not about the time or what you will gain. Its all about..
the dreaming, wishing and all of the above
thats when you kno .. y0u've found true love

those are four different quotes!!!

As u can see i wuV LOVE quotes!!!
As We GrOw Up In LiFe
OuR pArEnTs AlWaYs TeLl Us
ThAt OuR dReAmS aNd WiShEs WiLl CoMe TrUe
BuT iTs A bUnCh Of crap CuZ iVe BeEn
DrEaMiN n WiShIn 4 U eVeRyNiGhT
AnD i StiLl DoNt HaVe U

*StRiCtLy PiMpiN AiNt No MoRe LoVe GiViN*
*No TiE DoWnS Im GoNnA MaKe My LiFe WoRtH LiViN*

if you don't like me
theres nothin i can do
heres a newsflash -»
i dont live to please you
we broke up then got back together
we have been through some nasty weather
i'm still havin trouble trusting you
cuz even now u have trouble sayin im ur boo
mii * l O v E * fOr yOu is tO hard tO explaiin
mii (f e e l i n g s) fOr yOu r drivin me insane
i dOn`t knO wats gOin On in mii head...
mii feeLings fOr yOu cOuLd never b said
all ii knO is that ` |[ . ii lOvE yOu . ]|
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