Quotes added on Thursday, May 13 2004

R u LoOkIn At me? CuZ iM lOoKiN bAk;-)
Oh BoY uR sO fInE ur So FiNe U BlOw My MInD
If U lOvE sUm1 sExY pUt ThIs In Ur PrOfIle
R u StAlKiN mE? CuZ tHaT wOuLd B sUpEr!!
She Aint Urz..
He Aint Myne..
Ill Be Da 6..
If U B Da 9
come on in
take a seat
here on the love train
we don't miss a beat
and i think its time
4 u to start....

written by *me*
i cant help it.......

looking at u makes me fall in love! <3

<3 ya cameron!
i may be s*E*x*Y
i may be s*W*e*E*t
but witout Y*o*U
i'm I*n*C*o*M*p*L*e*T*e

L*u*V y*A c*A*m*E*r*O*n
you can love *anyone* in the world
but the only problem is, so can he
i wish he knew exactly how i feel</3

<*>..He's the one who makes you trip over your own feet when he waves at you. He's the one who makes you incapable of words when you look into his eyes. He's the one who makes you bite your lip without knowing it and gives you an extra bounce in your step. He's the one who sends chills over you when he barely touches your arm. He's the one who makes you delirious just by smiling...<*>
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