Quotes added on Saturday, May 15 2004

dOnt trY 2 --> F i X <-- mE..i'm nOt --> b r O k e n <--
i rEaLLii LykE wuT u'vE duN 2 mE
i CanT reaLLii eXpLain iT..
--> iM soOo intO yOo <---
i'm nOt aFrAid oF *_d_y_i_n_g_* buT i aM aFraiD oF *_l_O_s_i_n_g_* yOo
i WantEd yOo 2 knOw daT i **LuV** da WaY yOo ((LaugH))..i WaNna hOld yOo HigH nD sTeaL YuR ^PaiN^ aWaY
i keeP YuR <pHoTograpH> anD i knOw iT serVez me [weLl]..i waNna hOld yOo HigH nD sTeaL YuR -PaiN- awAy
ThErez a -FeeLinG- sOo *dEeP*iNsiDe*
TeLLinG mEe wE aRe ^MeanT^ 2 Be..
-->PraYinG<-- DaT (s O m e d a y) yOo wiLl cOme 4 mE..
BuT TiLl TheN i'm JusT |d|a|y|d|r|e|a|m|i|n|g|
ThinkInG abOuT da WaY thInGz cOuLd Be..
buT iT dOnt ~MaTtEr~
Cuz u'Re <sTiLl> sOo #FaR#awaY# frOm mE BaYbii
i *SaY* hE mEaNz -->NoThInG<-- yEt i W_a_N_t HiM iN ^eVeRyWaY^
i'LL *aCt* LiKe iM -->oVeR<-- iT bUt i M_i_S_s hIm ^EvErYdAy^
push the wall
let it fall
grl u think u no it all
but u dont, i do
so move it with that attitude
dont go there grlfriend rar!(cat noise)

dont reele no if this iz a poem...lol hee hee

good timez VZ
a girl walked up to her crush and said "do you like me?" he said "no"
so she then ask him "am i pretty?" he again said "no"
so she asked him "if i walked away right now would you cry?" he said "no"
so as she started to walk away he grabbed her hands and said
" i don't like you..i love you - you're not pretty..you're beautiful - i wouldn't cry if you walked away..i would die"

im not taking credit cause its not mine but still i think its such a cute quote!
what you feel is what you are
and what you are is beautiful*
Can't you see i'm in love with you .. ?
Can't you see there's sO0o much i do
You keep my head spinning [(around]
its hard t0 keep mi feet on the ground

drake bell <3
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