Quotes added on Saturday, May 15 2004

if i never see your face, if wings take you away from me nd tomorrow never happens, baby. if the world comes tumbling down nd crumbles all around us .. fate turns cruel you're on your knees so desperate for one truth- know that i have loved you
once you l O v e someone that person is a part of you (( f O r e v e r ))

arial narrow size 10 - make l O v e and f O r e v e r pink or some other color and it will look really cute xoO
i*m 0nce left again crying..gr0wling in my 0wn miseryy..
i*ve never felt s0 al0ne..i went searching f0r myself but g0t l0st s0mewhere in between..so0 where am i n0w?? isn*t s0me0ne g0nna try and rescue me?
i have n0 0ne t0 whipe my tears fr0m my eyes..and help me c0nqure my fears
i have n0 0ne t0 h0ld my hand thr0ugh all 0f this.. n0 0ne t0 tell me it will be o0kay..d0es any0ne care h0w l0st and c0nfuzed i am??y0u 0nly want t0 blame me f0r everything y0u did wr0ng**

<3 t0ri<3

d0nt take credit..i wr0te it**:)
*~~*im scared y0u might hurt me like y0u always d0*~~*
~**~im scared y0u might dump me after a week 0r to0~**~
*~~*im scared 0f all the things that y0u might do*~~*
~**~but ill never be to0 scared t0 say i l0ve y0u~**~

d0nt take credit..i wr0te it..but its kinda gay...**<3
now i`m sitting here thinking bout you
and the days we used to share it`s
driving me crazy i don`t know what
to do i`m just wonderin if you still care
i don`t want to let you know that
 .+. it`s killing me .+.

.take it.jus dont claim it.cuz aaliyah wrote this.
(( dOnT mAkE sOmEoNe YoUr PrIoRiTy ))
[[ wHeN aLl YoU aRe Is ThEiR oPtIoN ]]
theres sumthin 'bout the way you look tonight . .
there's something 'bout the way that i can't take
my eyes off you. theres something bout the way
your lips invite(xox)maybe it`s the way that i get
nervous when your around. And i want you to be
[( m.i.n.e ' and ' if ' you ' need ' a ' reason ' w.h.y

its in the way that you move me
and the way that you tease me,
the way that i want you tonight,
it's in the way that you hold me`
and the way that you know me,
when i can't find the right words
to say`yu feel it in the way, you
[(/ f e e l ' i t ' in ' t h e ' w a y \)]

theres sumthin` bout how you stay on my mind, theres somethin 'bout
the way that i whisper yur name when i'm asleep [( oh no )]
`maybe its the look you get in your eyes.`ooh baby
it's the way that mAkes me feel to see you
smile` and the reasons they may
change but wat im feelin
stays the same

arial 10 makes it look better
~**am i still y0ur babygurl after all th0se years?**~
**~am i still y0ur babygurl after we fight in tears?~*~
~~*am i still y0ur babygurl after i br0ke y0ur heart?*~*
*~*am i still y0ur babygurl fr0m the very first start?*~*

its kinda gay..but i g0t b0red :)

i l0ve angel0.. d0nt take credit i wr0te it..:)
you're hiding something cuz its burning through ur eyes
I try to get it out .. but all I hear from you are - L i e s -
And I can tell you're going through the motions
I figured you were acting out your part
Once again we're p l a y i n o f f e m o t i o n
which oNe of us will burn until the enD?

Catalyst, you insist to pull me down
you contradict the fact that u still want me around
anD it's all - d o w n h i l l - from here
... aNd iT`s aLL DoWnhiLL FrOm heRe ...

- New Found Glory <33
without you i'm complete ..
completely heartbroken </3
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