Quotes added on Saturday, May 15 2004

*`' why dO we fall in love..
when love will only tear us apart?
back then the world was ours
[ everythiNg was so right ]

But we were kissing with our eyes closed so tight
S o y o u n g and f e e l i n g s o r i g h t
never . thought . that . we . could . do . wrong
Oh we were kissing with our eyes closed so tiGht
sO * yOunG * aND `:*:' feeLinG sO riGhT ':*:`
I can't believe that those days are gone
** s0 is that wut y0u call a getaway?
tell me what y0u g0t away with**
**cuz ive seen m0re spine in a jellyfish
ive seen m0re guts in 11 year old kids**
**have an0ther drink and drive y0urself h0me
i h0pe theres ice 0n all the r0ads**
**and y0u can think 0f me when y0u f0rget y0ur seatbelt
and again when y0ur head g0es thr0ugh the windshield**

*~*BtrAnD nEw*~* <<-- y0u pr0bally d0nt n0 that gr0up*~*<3
---» i d 0 n`t w a n n a k n o w «---
If you're playin' me .. keep it oN the low
cuz my heart can`t take it anymOre
and if ue creepin please dont let it show
*` ooh baby... I don't wanna know .. </3
~*~ DePtFoRd SoFtBaLl*~*

*~AiNt NuThInG sOfT aboUt It*~

d0nt take credit..:)x0x0...t0ri<3
How y0u like it daddy (the way she do it from the front)
How y0u ike it daddy (the way she do it from he back)
How y0u like it daddy ( then brinG it dowN like that )

- PeTeY pAbLo
× i`D Never lie t0 y0u x
unless I had to - - i'll dO what I got to
[ unleSs I haD to - i'll do wHat I got to ]
the truth .. is yOu could slit my thrOat
and with my one last gasping breath
id apologize for bleeding on your shirt

- Taking Back Sunday
**cuz we l0st it all**
**n0thing lasts f0rever**
**im s0rry i cant be perfect**
**n0w its just to0 late**
**and we cant g0 back**
**im s0rry i cant be perfect**

*~*SiMpLe PlAn*~* <3

"It's a moo point,like a cows opinion..duznt matter..its just moo"-joey tribiani

"Okay man,i didnt want to bring this up,but Chandler is the stupidest name ive ever heard in my whole life! Its not even a real name! Its barely even a word..its kinda like chandelier..but its not. Its a stupid, stupid non-name"-joey
**~{*little*} things..they take the {*biggest*} part 0f me*~*

d0nt take credit cuz i didnt...

*~*by:GoOD ChArLoTtE*~*

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