Quotes added on Saturday, May 15 2004

~Until the day I die, I'll spill my heart for you~<33
[X.o.x.O.] What is love?
Love is something that you can't put in words
Love is understanding someone
caring for someone
sharing their ups and downs
and in the long run that also means physical love,
you have shared something,
giving something away and recieved something,
no matter whether you are married
or un-married,
or whether you are with child or not.
It doesn't matter in the least if you've lost ur honor,
as long as you know someone will stand by you,
will understand you for the rest of your life,
someone you won't have to share with
anyone else [X.o.x.O.]
[-I k.n.o.w. you *want* my BoDy-]
[-I k.n.o.w. you *want* my BoDy-]
*-*Tonight, i'll be ur NaUgHtY GiRl *-*
Bruises Fade
But The Pain Remains The Same*
And I Still Remember How You Kept Me So Afraid
im one of the chosen few
who went ahead and fell for you
im out of bold
im out of touch
i fell too fast
i feel too much
i dont love you because i have to~
i love you because its impossible for me not to<3
the harder i push
the f.u.r.t.h.e.r. I
~if life was perfect i would b with u and u would b with me,but lifes not prefect so im without u..
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