Quotes added on Wednesday, May 19 2004

I can't take it
What am I waiting for
My heart's still breakin
I miss you even more
And I can't fake it
The way I could before
I hate you but I love you
I can't stop thinkin of you
It's true, I'm stuck on you

stacie orrico lyrics to stuck
i believe in angels,
the kind that heaven sends
... i'm surrOunded
by angels, but i call
them my best friends.

((i didnt make it up i got it from my bffl i hope u like it!!))
We never really went Out, yoO were just a really goOd friend. Then yoO left me fOr her and when i heard i gOt mad. We still talk nOw and then like we used toO. yoO call me yOur friend and i call u mine... but i still feel we feel apart.

((just made this up like 2 secs. ago!! hope u like u can take credit))
Question: If a canoe fell from the sky and all its wheels fell off, how many pancakes would it take to build a dog house?

Answer: 7 because ice cream cones dont have any bones!!!

**it doesnt hav to be the exact number 7 pick any number!!**
Im having a staring contest with my TV!!

**i kno it totally originial but o well**.
//I lOst yoO... I fOund yoO... I want yoO back\\
\\I lOve yoO and i wish you knew how i feel//
(( FrIeNdS aRe ThErE fOr EaChOtHeR fOrEvEr, ThEy DoNt GiVe Up On EaChOtHeR aNd ThEy WiLl AlWaYs Be ThErE tO lEnD a HeLpInG hAnD wHeN tHeY nEeD to ))

Marissa,Tony,and Mikey Thanx for always being there when i needed you the most! I dont know where I would be without you guys! I love you all soooo much! dont ever think about leavin me..its not gunna happen im not letin go!
☼x☼~*~ HoLD On ~*~☼x☼
[~*~Hold On~*~ If You Feel Like,
(L e t t i n g -G o) ~*~ Hold On~*~
It gets *better* then you know,
~*~ Hold On~*~, dont stop searching,
Its not |Over|, ~*~ Hold On~*~,
It gets better than you know!
~*~ HoOoOoOlD OoOoN~*~

Mikey sorry for everything. we said we'll hold on forever and thats what we're doing! Your my best friend and you always will be. Hold on, for me because your all i have left to keep me holdin on. and i will always hold on to you.
XoX* Danielle C* Xox
**4 P's**
-PiCk Em-
-pLaY eM-
-PiMp Em-
-PaSs Em-
people always say...
If I could re-arrange the alphabet i'd put "U" and "I" together, but if I could re-arrange the alphabet i'd put "F" and "U" together!
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