Quotes added on Thursday, May 20 2004

{*Dreams*} can be ~deceiving~
Lyke {*faces*} are to ~hearts~

It's from a Fiona Apple song...pretty cool I thought. You can make dreams, deceiving, faces, and hearts a different color and it looks really cool.
brickwall, waterfall Danielle thinks she's got it all but she dont and I do soo boom wit that attitude piece punch captin crunch i got sum10 u cant touch bang bang chu chu train wind me up and i'll do mah thang reices pieces 7up mess wit me and i'll mess u up~;-)

I hate Danielle Albert!!]:-P
dont be a fooll.
stay nin school!

kris. and Erinn<3
-*-Hey im nOt here right nOw becuz im On the phOne with sOmeOne hOtt! If yOu need me then hit me up-*- .

| = |
| _____ |
|| ||
| |
| 0 0 0 |
| 0 0 0 |
| 0 0 0 |
| 0 0 0 |
(Put your numbers right here)


I kno it is gay but oo well
/ \
|soccer| soccer ball make spot and it will look better
TrinA Take IT If U lIkE IT lEavE iT iF U DOuNT
God made Adom and Eve not adom and Steve
u've f*cked me over 1 2 many timez
Ta let u get away wit this n slide
u must b out chu god damn mind
Sick of me always forgivin
u make me wish i were'nt livin
All tha sorriez u've givin
u just let my trust in u burn
SoOo mayb now u'll learn
becuz hunnie its ur turn ..
((C))opii writed
Just cuz i smile dont mean im happii
Not intill tha day that you'll b with me
I think bout chu all day through
n without u i'd have nuthing 2 do
ur laugh and that beautiful smile
boi you dunt no its all worth while
every1 can see this is nuthing new
4ever and always i'll wait 4 you..
/LiKe LiGhTnInG
\DuRiNg A tHuNdErStOrM,
/yOu LiGhT uP mY
\. W . o . R . l . D . <3

I Made it up by myself u cant take it just dont take credit for it =) the heart looks really cool in Comic Sans MS size 8
[x]jst wannab tha grl u talk about[x]
[x]tha only wun u wouldnt ride without[x]
[x]2 b tha wun who makes ur <3 beat crazii[x]
[x]nd 4 u 2 say 2 ur boiz.."that'z my babii"[x]
[x]but if thatz jst way 2 hard 4 u[x]
[x]then i gess ill move on hold bac tha boo hooz[x]
[x]cuz imma big grl dunt need nowun tah hold me[x]
[x]i can make it on mah own n b a p.i.m.p![x]
((E))dited .. i fixed this quote up a lil n' added my own part!
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