Quotes added on Friday, May 21 2004

iT's iN ThE WaY ThAt yOu MoVe Me aNd ThE WaY ThAt yOu TeAsE mE..ThE WaY ThAt i WaNt yOu ToNiGhT....iT's iN ThE WaY yOu HoLd Me aNd ThE WaY ThAt yOu KnO Me WhEn i CaN't FiNd ThE RiGhT WoRdS To SaY...yOu FeEl iT iN ThE WaY

ClAy AiKeN *ThE WaY*
PeAcE uP * A-ToWnS DoWn!”!

yeah*by usher at muh school we do a peace sign then put it upside down while we say it
*when u luv sumone u think that they r the right one and when u find out they feel the same way bout u then u get the happiest feelin*

*<33333 beau*

~charlsie~ im me on lilmoore105
      A       NN      N  GGGGG   EEEEEEE L              A
     A A      N N     N G     G  E       L             A A
    A   A     N  N    N G     G  E       L            A   A
   AAAAAAA    N   N   N G        EEEEE   L           AAAAAAA
  A       A   N    N  N G    GGG E       L          A       A
 A         A  N     N N G     GG E       L         A         A
A           A N      NN  GGGGG G EEEEEEE LLLLLLLL A           A

BBBBB          A       BBBBB   Y     Y    IIIIIIIII
B    B        A A      B    B   Y   Y         I
B     B      A   A     B     B   Y Y          I
BBBBBB      AAAAAAA    BBBBBB     Y           I
B     B    A       A   B     B    Y           I
B      B  A         A  B      B   Y           I

L         OOOOOOOO  V            V EEEEEEE
L        O        O  V          V  E
L        O        O   V        V   E
L        O        O    V      V    EEEEE
L        O        O     V    V     E
L        O        O      V  V      E

Y     Y  OOOOOOO  U       U !!!!!!!
 Y   Y  O       O U       U  !   !
  Y Y   O       O U       U   ! !
   Y    O       O U       U    !
   Y    O       O U       U
   Y    O       O U       U   !!!
   Y     OOOOOOO   UUUUUUU    !!!

Nobody's perfect, so why do you try to act like you are?
*You can have a best friend without a boyfriend, but you can never have a boyfriend without a best friend*
*Ur first BoYfRi3nD is like ur first pancake~just a tester 2 c if the griddle is hott enuff*
*If makeup was so great, guys would be wearing it*

You hold me close and stroke my hair
And when I touch you, I know your there

No one could ever make me smile the way you do
Or surprise me when I'm feeling blue

It's just these few things that come to mind
Because it's only a dream
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