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SoMe DaYs I cAnT gEt YoU oFf My MiNd
OtHeR dAyS i WoNdEr WhY iM wAsTiNg My TiMe

awwwe i love this quote i got it a while ago about this guy that i likee...te he
The HardeSt ThiNg To Do
Is tO WaTcH ThE pErsoN yoU Love...
LoVe soMe1 Else

awwe i love this quote too...it really is the hardest thing to do though... i got this quote about this guy that i really like that has a gf...
its //hard\\ to wait
for somthin you know
but its //harder\\
to **stop** when its
EvErYtHiNg YoU eVeR wAnTeD

thats really hard too...and it sucks @§§
Are we friends or are we not?
You told me once but I forgot.
You're my best friend now and forever
And that's very true!
Still after all we've been through
I love you for just you.
It's going to be a hard road without you here for me
As you walk by me in the hall there forms a tear
Down my cheek it bleeds.
Please put me out of my misery
And tell me if this friendship was meant to be!

(c) <~~ use it but dont claim as yours!
lmfa0...my friend sam did this

sam- *walks into restuarant with fake, gross teeth*
sum kid- Daaaayyyyaaaaamm maa...i aint havin candy no more!

lmfa0 sammie, partna in crime, luv yaz..
if you would walk a thousand miles to see someone you love for five minutes, copy and paste this into your profile.

(¨`·.·´¨ ) if you honestly love somebody
`·.¸(¨`·.·´ ) copyNpaste this~
* ` ·¸.·´

It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, and hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

When you told me you loved me I knew it was true because you can never escape the love I have for you

You are the only one who can make me smile this way...

*you must be my shooting star, everything I've ever wished for Is everything that you are*

a guy once gave a girl 12 roses.. 11 real, 1 fake.. he said, when the last rose dies i'll stop loving you...

The day I stop loving you will be the day birds stop flyin and pigs start talking

----No matter how ugly you think you are,
that special person that loves you
believes you are the most beautiful and irrisistable thing on earth
and nothing can ever change that----

Neva look me in the eye...
if all u do is lie...

Neva call me ur baby...
if u ganna play me...

Neva say my name...
if u dont kno my game....

Neva say u luv me...
if u cant even hug me.

ThE HaRdEsT ThiNG iLL EvEr HaVe ToO dO iS tO TuRn ArOuNd AnD WaLk AwAY, PrEtEnDiNG i DONT LoVe yOu

no one and nothing can stop me from loving u, no force on earth, nothing in the universe, babbii im always going to love u - remember it
Talking on the celly with your boyfriend
telling him how bad of a day you had
hes not paying any attention to wat your saying
hes just watching tv
you start crying and he still ignores you
he falls asleep while your crying
you see him at sk0l and want to kill him for not listening to you
he walks up to you as if nothing bad happened
you walk away in furey
he doesnt understand
hes lost in his game playing world
he doesnt kno wat to do
he calls you that nite asking wat happened
you hang up on him
he sees you the next day at sk00l
he runs to see you
you run to yell at him and get it all out
but before u can say anything he runs and hugs u and says we need to tlk and i want to tlk first
you find a place where not many people are and u say u dont kno wat to say
but that ur not sure they were meant to be
he says dont think that
we were meant to be in every way
we are just running into a bad weather storm but we will get past it
he says " im sorry i feel asleep on u and i didnt listen to ur problems i was such a jerk....i will never do it again!i love you and the past couple days without you hav been the worst!....i need you and i dont ever want to lose you!...your my everything always n forever!"

When i [s.e.e] you
i just [m.e.l.t] away
When i [t.h.i.n.k] about you
I get [b.u.t.t.e.r.f.l.i.e.s] in my stomach
When i [h.e.a.r] your voice
My heart beats [f.a.s.t.a.n.d.s.l.o.w.]
He gave her 10 roses and said, "If you hold those up to a mirror you will see 11 of the most beautiful things in the world."

bOiI I*M DeDiKaTeDd AlL TeWw yOo
JuSs bY ThE WaY Y3w DoO AlL y3w DoO
PlEeZe nOtIcE Me ; GiVe mE a cHaNcE
nD BaBy i wIlL GiVe yOo tHe bEsT Of rOmAnCe

when im with you its like all my problems disappear

*:. until i met u
.:* i N.e.V.e.R knew wat it was like
*:. to look at someone
.:* and smile for no *ReAsOn*...
((If you like pina coladas
((and getting caught in the rain
((if you're not into yoga
((if you have a half-a-brain
((if you like making love at midnight
((in the dunes of the cape
((then i'm the love that u've looked for
((come with me and escape!

I still love u despite the fact that u dont even care. You'll see how much when she's left u alone... and im still standing there

L o v e is sitting with him cuddling w.o a care in the w o r ld
Leaving his house smelling lk him & never wanting the smell to leave
Waking up each morning with thoughts of him running through your head
L o v e is ` waiting a l l day just to h e a r h i s v o i c e
L o v e is never giving up on something that means so much to you
But most of all ` love is every feeling rushing through your body at
one time... and seeing your life in a whole new way
~~((*run away, just run away and never come back*))~~

if the sun would refuse to shine, and the moon doesn't hang in the night, when the tides change, seasons reaarranged, when the world is thru i will still love you

--hope you luvv 'em--

i.M. me at sPoiledbrat4time ~or~ Lil 04 dreameR
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