Quotes added on Saturday, May 22 2004

D p Sloww, move it all around, poke it out
i u like your back broke, pop pop pop that
p thang, I'ma show you how to make your
t man say Ooh!
i i
l c DiP iT lOw--Christina Millian
o i
w P
If ThE ShOe FiTs...
BuY iT iN eVeRy CoLoR !
I NeVeR BeLiEvEd iN hElL..
uNtiL tHe 1sT DaY oF PrE-SkOoL.
NoW iM sTuCk tHeRe

iM mE oN TrOuBle LuViN9
׷. )
. ObViOuSlY aWaY...
( CaLl ThE CeLl....
`.. .xOx

Im me On : TrOuBle LuViN9
Me? Im dishonest and a dishonest man u can alwayds trust
to be dishonest.. Honestly its the honest ones u wanna
watch out for cause u can never predict if their gunna
do something incredibly..... Stupit !
Captin Jack Sparrow

[[ Pirate Of The Caribbean ]]
[[ Love that movie ]]
Do You Have The Courage And Fortitude To Follow Orders
And Stay True In the Face Of Danger And Almost
Certain Death ?

[[ Pirate Of the Caribbean ]]
Deep inside your soul, there's a hole
You don't want to see
You're covering it up, like a cut
With the likes of me
You know I've really tried
I can't do anymore about you
I guess I'll never know
What's really going on inside you
I can't get my head around you
-The Offspring
To say I'd die for you isn't enough. that's too weak. I'd live through the most intense excruciating pain for all of eternity for you. Just because you're worth it. Dying is giving in. I'd keep fighting for you.
RAP = Retards Attempting Poetry ;]
We look eye to eye
And I'm swept away
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