Quotes added on Thursday, May 27 2004

how much fud
could a fud pucker fud
if a fudpucker
could fud puck?
Baby,you know I've got all the flavors that you want...
Plus I got all the skills that I need to turn you on
Vanilla, strawberries, chocolate, baby boy,it's on
Now tell me can you picture my body on a cone
FrIeNdS CaN SeE YoU WaLk In WiTh A SmIlE On YoUr FaCe AnD StIlL KnOw SoMeThInGz WrOnG. . .
AnD iT'z AlL dOwN hIlL fRoM hErE . . .
im not supposed to love u..
im not supposed to care..
im not supposed to live my life
wishing u were there..
im not supposed to wonder
where u are or what u do..
im sorry..i just cant help myself..i fell in love with u

.:`:. J.D .:`:.
you only hate those who have gotten close
enough to touch your heart <3
-»from nOw til foreva«-
«-frOm tha heavens abOve-»
-»im eternaly yOurs«-
«-(¨`•.•´¨)-»4 eva in Luv «-(¨`•.•´¨)-»
Baby theres .n O t h i n g. mOre tO *say*
yOu cOmPlete me in `'·-» evErY waY «-·'´
I never loved sOmeone so much in my life
I never felt ne1 love me back the way u do
I never wanna feel this way with neOne;
B u T * y O u
I'm NoT a DrUg
BuT [»WaTCh OuT«]
YoU CouLd GeT
* AdDiCtEd *
If you only knew how much I love you and how much you mean to me...maybe I wouldn’t be hurting this bad.
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