Quotes added on Thursday, May 27 2004

theres so many boy problems..they dont understand girls..and how were sensative and how they make us feel...while were in our rooms crying..there usually chillen with there friends..they might say yea they were crying but u kno on the inside...they were lieing..

If Only They Knew.. How We Felt

in large it to about (24) in Impact
in in pink N Bacl it looks real cute
Bee Back Way Later

Im Only One Call Away..
*_ _ _*_ _ _ _* «- - (put your cell)
A peach is a peach,
A plum is a plum,
But a kiss isnt a kiss,
without some tounge,
So open ur mouth,
and close ur eyes,
and give ur tounge some exercise!

If ur bored follow the directions:
1. on the outside of ur hand write :"sup,turn over"
2. turn ur hand over and write:sup turn over
3. read ur hand
If love makes the world go round why didn't it stop in to see me?

Take it if you want...I didn't make it, but this isn't true for me!!

Love ya Tocheran AAF!!!!
-*i miss u*-
-*i love u*-
-*i wish i never lost u*-
-*i got mad we broke up*-
-*u fall in love with my best friend, and now i hate u
i miss u lots and i know were friends
but y cant i accept that fact?
or can just star ova again
i think about u every night..
i cry about u every day..
i look at my bestfreind and i jus wanna cry
what does she have that i dont
Written by me!!!! Isnt it great??? Haha j/k.. OKay here it goes:::

You say I'm not good enough.
But, I know I'll never be good enough for you-
Not pretty enough,
Not smart enough,
Not thin enough,
Not popular enough,
Not cool enough,
I'll just never be good enough...
How can I never be enough when your enough for me??
Youre more than enough- Youre my EVERYTHING.
You are the reason I wake up every day.
The reason that I sleep through the night
You are the reason
Ooo the reason---
At midmight, I want to floor you.
You want a reason?
You are the reason.
"I'd hit it if I was gay. Sh*t I'd hit it anyway! I'd hit it with a stick. I'd hit it with a bat. I'd hit it all night like cat in the hat" THE MOST BRILLIANT DR. SUESS RHYME EVER!!!

Haha I tohught this was funny!!
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