Quotes added on Thursday, May 27 2004

if u like what u c well it suckz for u cuz i got a man and im lovin it...i just wish the one i truly loved will love me bac...
lucky for u mirrors cant laugh or talk

*for the mirror put it in white it will look cute*
You just dont know how u make me feel..
I feel like the most important person when im with you..
U make me feel like no one has ever made me feel before..
I dont know if I should be scared or nervous..
All I know.. is that I think im falling in Love with you.

I made this myself - use it if u wanna!!
ur momma is stupid she triped over a cordlas phone......j/p
*~i cant pop cherries but i can make bananas cream~*

HI this is heather
you can copy just dont say its urs
kk luv ya all
I wanted freedom
but I'm restricted
I tried to give you up
but I'm addicted

now that you know I'm trapped
sense of elation
you'll never dream of breaking this fixation

~Muse...Time is Running Out
' inst it wreid taht yu can sltil raed tihs eevn tohquh
the ltetres are mexid up? its cuase the hmuan mnid
olny fcouses on the frsit & lsat ltetres of the wrod
its like beauty ..ppl only pay attention to the outside
¯¯'···..» (|[ n 0 t t h E i n s i d E ]|)

I gOt tO gO fInD sOmEtHiNg tO pUt InSiDe...


*-[YoUr NaMe HeRe]-*

^^I hope ya like. I didn't make it, but it looked really cool so I added it to here. *-(Katrina)-*
the true strength is bein able to hold it all together
when everyone is expecting you to fall ( a p a r t ) *
i never thought that anyone could make me feel this way

i hadda party last night.. you didnt come, but your boyfriend did twice ;-)
i`ve heard the speech a million times before, "you can do better, you deserve so much more." and i get myself sick over it cuz i know it`s true.. but i don`t want better~> i just want you
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